PhD Projects

Ongoing PhD Projects:

  • 'Unity in Diversity is not for us'. LT+ negotiating gender, sexuality and Islamic faith in contemporary Indonesia (Kristina Schneider, scholarship holder Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, 2013 - Disputatio Mai 2023)
  • Independent Art in Vietnam Since the 1990s. Political Power for a Civil Society? (Bui Kim Dinh, since 2015)
  • South of the Future: Time and Land in the Korean DMZ (Jonathan Yainishet, Doctoral scholarship granted by Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes [German Academic Scholarship Foundation], since 2017)
  • Jakarta, Identity and the Kampung Community: Glimpses of the Play of Pluralism, Power and Space (working title) (Nurman Nowak, research assistant,since 2018)
  • Domestic Materialities of (Post-)Migration. Households, Transculturality, and Everyday Life (Friedemann Neumann, research assistant, since 2018)
  • Forschen und Ausstellen in der Ethnologie (Lisa Ludwig)
  • Exilic Materiality: Forced-Migrants Interacting with Humanitarian Materiality in Refugee Camps in Iran and Germany (Maliheh Bayat Tork, since 2019)

Completed PhD Projects