Doctoral Studies

“PhD students work in dismal solitude.” To overcome this prevailing opinion of doctoral studies a well structured graduate program encourages PhD students to exchange opinions and discover commonalities across their various disciplines and research topics. This not only enables students to increase the potential of extending their research interdisciplinary but also promotes their networking ability and helps in counteracting the feelings of isolation associated with ‘lonely research’.
This new structure offers graduate students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in their discipline as well as other related disciplines. PhD students may thereby improve their dissertation and also develop skills which might, in addition, prove useful after graduation.
For this purpose, the GGG assists in developing several PhD programs which are embedded in the member faculties’ main research focus. Since graduates within these programs study similar topics, they have the valuable opportunity of exchanging opinions and experiences regarding content and methods. The “thesis committees” improve the supervision of students’ research. Furthermore, PhD students are encouraged to develop key skills in courses serving this purpose.

Dr. Bettina Roß (Executive Director)
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