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Turkology/Turkish Studies (M.A.)

Programme name: Turkish Studies
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Start: Winter semester
Degree programme options: Joint Honours MA in Turkish Studies (42 C); module package: Turkish Studies as MA minor subject (36 C)
Admission requirements for Joint Honours MA: Overview
Language requirements: Very good knowledge of the Turkish of Turkey
Entrance requirements for module packages: Overview
Note for international applicants: For the enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities certified proficiency in German language is required!
Application: application procedure (application to the faculty of humanities)

Language of the programme: German

Programme description:
The programme conveys a scientific in-depth education in the subject of Turkish Studies (in regards to philology, cultural science and history of religion). It prepares students for a career in the academic field or in research-oriented institutions or institutions that are closely linked to research.

Programme structure:
Students must acquire 42 credits during studies that are to be earned in four mandatory modules.

Research foci in Göttingen:
Students will receive a thorough education in ancient and medieval Turkish philology and codicology that is supplemented with knowledge from the areas of the history of religion, cultural science and literary science. An emphasis is placed on Central Asian Turkish literature from the pre-Islamic but also Islamic period. Students will also acquire knowledge in classic Mongolian. A special in-depth understanding of the cultures along the ancient silk road is conveyed.

Occupational fields:
Work in the fields of research and teaching, in libraries, in publishing houses.