Bachelor of Arts Mathematics
(Teaching at secondary schools)

Can be combined with 19 subjects: Studies in Mathematics as part of the two-subject Bachelor's degree programme can be individually combined with a second subject at Göttingen. The programme offers a comprehensive essential academic training in mathematics with several lectures related to teacher training. The Zentrale Wissenschaftliche Einrichtung für Lehrer*innenbildung (ZEWIL) complements the possibilities offered by the faculty with training in the educational sciences.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (two subjects/teaching profession)
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
Only the winter semester
Language of the programme:
open (enrolment without previous application)
Orientation events:
Orientation events are offered
A mathematical summer college and a pre-course are offered


The training to be a teacher at secondary schools is divided into a Bachelor's programme with two subjects with the teaching profession track and a consecutive Master's programme "Master of Education". The successful termination of the programme entitles you to do a teacher training.
More information about this training can be found at the Deen's office for training teachers an.

Mathematics can be combined in the teaching degree with all other teaching subjects in Göttingen. These are:

In Göttingen, student teachers of mathematics receive a comprehensive and solid subject education from which they will benefit throughout their entire professional life. In the two-subject Bachelor's programme, there is one course in subject didactics per subject. In this course, you take care of what happens in teaching-learning processes in mathematics and how teachers can use their mathematical skills for varied tasks for practising, problem solving and modelling in heterogeneously composed classes. Differentiation measures for individual support are also a topic. In the Master's programme, we build on this foundation in the preparation and supervision of the school internship and take a closer look at specific situations in the didactics of algebra, stochastics, calculus and geometry in the seminars.

In recent years, mathematics in Göttingen has established several subject-related courses for teaching students: The exercises in Analysis and Linear Algebra/Geometry are conducted in the teaching profession profile by a full-time, experienced teacher in order to facilitate effective study and to professionally align the exercises with the requirements for the teaching profession. The offer of the Summer School from August is particularly recommended for two subjects. In applied mathematics, in stochastics and in the second semester in analysis, special lectures are offered for the teaching profession, and in the Master's degree, separate subject-specific and, of course, subject-didactic seminars.


Bachelor's programme with two subjects (180 C)
Subject-specific studies
132 C + 12 C
Area of professionalisation
36 C
66 C in mathematics
+ 66 C in the second subject
+ 12 C Bachelor's thesis
6 C Technical didactics 20 C School pedagogics and internships 10 C Options (elective area)

In the two-subject Bachelor's programme, two subjects are studied on equal terms.

In Mathematics the following studies must be completed as parts of the 66 C:

  • Analysis I and Analytical Geometry and Linear Algebra I
  • Analysis II or Methods of Analysis II
  • Analytical Geometry and Linear Algebra II or Geometry
  • Advanced Methods of Analysis or Mathematical Principles, Algebra, Theory of Numbers
  • School-related Applied Mathematics and School-related Principles of Stochastic
  • Mathematical Application Systems
  • Introduction to Teaching Methodology for Mathematics for the teaching profession profile.

The teaching profession profileis divided into the following areas:

  • Technical didactics (6 C)
  • School pedagogics and internships (20 C)
  • 10 C are to be completed in the elective area of the two subject bachelor (teaching), they can be chosen from the following:

    • Allowed modules offered in the subjects studied. In mathematics, all modules of the bachelor's program with module numbers B.Mat.****, which content is different from the modules prescribed in the mathematics two subject Bachelor.
    • Modules offered by the "studium generale" profile in the subjects studied. In mathematics, these are the same as the allowed modules.
    • Offers by the LehramtPlus program
    • Key competencies at Göttingen Uni

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