Counseling services of the GGG

Unfortunately, all GGG´s consultation meassures, including the GGG's Funding Guidance, the general consultation as well as the Helpdesk for International PhD students, are not staffed. We regret that these services cannot be provided at the moment due to staff shortages.

GGG supports members with a wide range of extra-curricular counseling offers for both (future) PhD students and PhD supervisors.
While some offers are aimed at specific target groups, such as international PhD students, first-generation PhD students, there are also general offers like the PhD-Funding Guidance or counseling in case of personal crisis during PhD studies.
Our counseling is strictly confidential. Information will only be passed on to another person or institution upon your agreement. When needed or requested, we give counseling together with other members of GGG staff, too. If we are not able to help you, we will find the appropriate competent person or institution for your request.
We regularly reconsider our counseling approach and experiences. By mutual support within the team at GGG and by peer-to-peer exchange and reviews, we try to further professionalize our counseling. Furthermore, we are constantly adjusting our offers to meet the needs of our members best. Experience from counseling is an important factor in further developing the diversity concept and improve the general work at GGG, e.g. by changing our funding measures and linking with ombudspersons more closely.

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For scientific questions and questions on admission, study program and doctoral examination, please contact your faculty.