Postdocs at GSGG

GSGG does not only provide support for doctoral candidates but also for selected postdocs belonging to the Faculty of Humanities or the Faculty of Theology.

Our objective is to bring together young researchers in the doctoral and postdoctoral phase of their careers in order for them to exchange experiences, to establish academic networks and, promote existing ones.

Postdocs as co-supervisors of doctoral candidates

Postdocs often contribute to supervising doctoral candidates at university departments and research centres, graduate programmes, and third-party-funded projects. By becoming a member of a GSGG thesis committee, this effort is acknowledged and formalised.

As postdocs at our faculties who are supervising one of our doctoral candidates are members of GSGG, they are eligible to apply for selected grants and allowances and are also invited to attend skills courses and mentoring programmes offered by GSGG.

Postdocs as leaders of GSGG junior researcher groups

Since August 2013, eight postdocs are employed with GSGG and work with four interdisciplinary research groups in the Göttingen humanities. Here they are provided with an attractive research environment which they help develop with their research projects, conferences and lectures.

Two postdocs head together a young researcher group consisting of up to 5 doctoral candidates.

The aim of this project was to optimally prepare the members for their academic career while also using their potential for the Göttingen humanities.

Duration: August 2013 to December 2017