Advice & Counseling

PhD candidates on the Göttingen Campus have access to a wide range of advice and counseling services in every phase of their doctoral study.

Follow the links for more information on these topics:
Critical Situations during PhD
Mental Health

For questions regarding administrative, organizational or qualification-related matters, you may contact the GAUSS Office, your student representatives, the coordinator of your doctoral program, or the student advisory service of the according faculty (see below for the respective webpages and contact information).
Further advice and counseling services are listed below as for example IT support, statistical consulting, critical situation management and student representative contacts.


GAUSS Student Representatives

All GAUSS programs have their own student program speakers (see here for a full list) who are annually electing the representative and his/her deputy of all GAUSS doctoral candidates.

Doctoral Program Contacts

Please follow this link for the program list including the contacts of all programs.

Student Advisory Services Provided by the Faculties