Dr. Philipp Schlotzhauer

Research interests

  • Hardwood for use in construction
  • Strength grading
  • Fibre orientation determintation
  • Determination of static characteristics
  • Solid wood gluing (surface & finger joint)
  • Yield optimisation
  • Sawmill technology
  • Sawn-wood drying



  • Technical wood drying
  • Strength grading
  • Contact person for Holzbearbeitung


Courses presented

Supervision of student theses (for data protection reasons, the authors names have been made anonymous)

Master theses


  • Birch structural timber – Distribution of strength related wood characteristics and their influence on bending properties
  • Structural timber from close to pith beech wood assortments - Investigations into the distribution of strength-relevant wood characteristics and their influence on bending properties
  • 2016

  • Performance of selected Type I adhesive systems for bonding untreated and modified hardwoods
  • Comparative investigations into automatic determination of fibre orientation of hardwood lamellas
  • Verification of normative properties of hardwood for load-bearing purposes
  • 2014

  • Effect of size on tensile, compression and bending strengths of six European hardwood species

Bachelor theses


  • Untersuchungen zum Querdruckverhalten von Birken-Bauholz
  • Impact of Aging Time on Phenol Formaldehyde Impregnated Veneers from Birch and Spruce for Plywood and LVL
  • Studies on the perpendicular to grain compression behaviour of birch structural timber
  • 2017

  • Elasto-mechanical tensile properties across the grain of beech, ash and maple wood
  • 2014

  • Comparative investigations into determination of fibre orientation of hardwood lamellae

Project theses


  • Volume yield increase of a balsa wood saw mill in Ecuador through cutting pattern optimization
  • 2018

  • Report on forestry-related internship at the Georg Fehrensen GmbH sawmill
  • 2015

  • Investigation into the sawn timber yield of maple and ash longwood sections for the provision of green lamellae in glue laminated timber production
  • Comparative tests of bending strength as a function of testing machine, testing speed, and type of wood
  • 2014

  • Investigation into the visual & mechanical strength grading of hardwood lamellae for use in homogeneous glulam beams