Under the management of Holzforschung München, the project consortium intends to provide calculation methods and material parameters for mechanical engineering applications of wood and wood-based products. In order to achieve these goals, needs related to mechanical engineering with regard to material characterization must be investigated in the first step. Based on this, suitable test methods for the characterization of the materials can be selected, evaluated and further developed. The project duration of 3 years results from the holistic, novel and very labour-intensive approach of the distortion-based calculation of components made of wood and wood-based material in combination with the planned evaluation and the required scope of the project consortium. The Department of Wood Biology and Wood Products of the University of Göttingen has a wide range of competencies in the investigation of solid wood, veneers, adhesives, wood materials, wood modification processes, etc. Within the project consortium, the University of Göttingen will focus on topics related to the investigation of solid wood, veneers, and adhesives.