Imaging Techniques

Contact person for imaging techniques: Dr. Susanne Bollmus.

3-dimensional structural analysis

  • Digital depth-of-field microscope - Keyence VHX-5000
    • Acquisition of the complete object geometry in 2D & 3D

  • Laser Scanning Microscope - Keyence VK-X100
    • Confocal, non-contact 3D surface measuring system
    • Layer thickness measurements
    • Calculation of roughness parameters (line-based and area-based)

  • X-ray Based Micro Computed Tomography - Phoenix | X-ray, GE Nanotomes
    • Non-destructive, multi-dimensional analysis (metrology: porosity, material thickness, pore connections, fibre orientation)
    • Resolution up to 500nm
    • Reconstruction software: Avizo


  • Atmospheric scanning electron microscope - Zeiss EVO LS 15
    • EDX unit
    • Integratable tensile modulus for in-situ investigations

  • Various microscopes and binoculars
    • Definable lighting sources
    • Varying filters

Particle and fibre analysis

Phys Unter
  • Particle sizer - QIC-PIC (QP0129) Rodos / L
  • FiberShape