LVL Mast

Development of material- and construction-optimized transmission pylons

Within the scope of the research project, in cooperation of the University of Göttingen and INDUO Systemholztechnik, overhead electricity line masts (transmission pylons) made from phenol-modified or protective-treated hardwood or softwood veneer laminated wood (LVL) are to be produced and further developed. Initial preliminary tests have already shown that material-optimised pylon constructions with considerably higher load-bearing capacities can be achieved by using this new material. Furthermore, the use of an optimized material can be expected to have a higher protective effect against wood-degrading fungi, and also realistically achieve the currently targeted service life set by the telecommunications and energy supply sectors. The project is divided into 7 work packages. In addition to the project supervision, which is the responsibility of the UGOE, three work packages are handled collaboratively by UGOE and INDUO. The work packages build on each other in content, so that regular meetings are planned to discuss and evaluate the results. UGOE will develop and optimize the processes for the production of the modified and protective agent treated LVL and investigate the material properties. INDUO will then use this information for the design and manufacture of transmission pylon systems. Furthermore, INDUO will deal with cost and benefit analysis, as well as procurement and logistics in another separate work package.