Brendan Nicholas Marais

Research interests

  • Wood protection
  • Wood degradation
  • Durability and service-life of wood and wood-based products
  • Moisture monitoring of wooden elements


  • Durability of Wood in Ground Contact: Modelling the Effect of Biotic and Abiotic Factors
  • Supervisor: PD Dr. Christian Brischke
  • Projects

    • CEMWOGEO - Cement coating of wood for geotechnical applications
    • CemSleeper - Cement coating of wood for railway applications


    • Thermal modification plant
    • Institute homepage

    Committee work

    • Vice Chairperson of Stellenbosch Forestry Students' Association Local Committee (Oct 2014 - Oct 2015)
    • International Forestry Students' Association Regional Representative, Southern Africa (Aug 2014 - Aug 2015)

    • Supervision of student theses (for reasons of data protection law, the authors names have been made anonymous)

      Master theses

    • Impact of soil temperature on the decay rate of European beech wood
    • Bachelor theses

    • Impact of soil water-holding capacity and soil moisture content on decay rate of selected timbers
    • Project theses

    • The effect of a cement coating on European Beech and Norway Spruce wood - studies into fungal durability and brittleness

    • Publications