Information for perspective INCOMING students

    1. Before application

    First and foremost, it is important to know that most courses in the GEMI are taught in German. We expect students to acquire sufficient German proficiency in order to participate in the class and exams. Here are the courses provided in the current curricula. It is important to know that since 2014 winter term, B2 level proficiency for the German language is required in order for the students to attend bachelor and master courses.

    Here you can find the descriptions of the modules that are currently being taught at the GEMI:

    Alternatively, you can also complete a research internship (B.Psy.004 or M.Psy.002 over 450 or 360 hours).

    2. Application

    Ms. Xiaoting He is contact person for application. You can find more information through this link.

    3. Before arrival

    Please send your Learning Agreement to our Erasmus+ team (

    Please note that the deadline for submitting your Learning Agreement is 1. June for the Winter Semester. For the Summer Semester the deadline for submitting your Learning Agreement is 1. December.

    4. After arrival

      4.1. The websites of our university provide excellent information for your orientation. On the following webpage, you will find a handbook of all university-wide key competency courses that you can take next to your courses at the GEMI:

      4.2. (Revised) learning agreements: Please make sure your learning agreements and revised learning agreements to be signed by Dr. Nuria Brinkmann.

      Dr. Brinkmann will advise you on all questions about your studies and stay.

    5. Before leaving

      5.1 Certificate of Attendance: Please make sure it to be signed by Dr. Nuria Brinkmann.

      5.2 Transcript of Records: In order to receive your transcript, please contact our examination office.

6. Useful information