Your time in Göttingen

from the first steps at home until the end of your studies.

Studying at the University of Göttingen


Securing funding for your studies is essential. If you have to apply for a visa (and later for your residence permit) you need proof of financial resources ("Finanzierungsnachweis"), which shows that you can finance your studies and daily living costs whilst in Germany. To cover the cost of living in Göttingen, you currently need about 650 to 750 € a month.

Visa und Health Insurance

Before travelling to Germany, please check whether you need a visa and, if so, which one. The entry requirements will depend on your nationality and the length of your stay in Göttingen. Allow plenty of time for sorting out visa-related issues since processing the visa application can take from several weeks up to several months. Do not enter Germany with a tourist visa!

Health insurance is mandatory by federal law for all students of German universities. Therefore you will need valid health insurance in order to apply for a German visa and to enrol at the University of Göttingen.


Göttingen offers many types of accommodation. However, it is advisable to start searching for a place to stay as early as possible, since the housing market will be inundated with a large number of new students also seeking to find accommodation at the start of the semester.

Getting started!

There is plenty you can do to make your start easier. The introduction week will help you get to know the University and the city of Göttingen better. A team of student tutors will show you around the campus, the faculties as well as leisure facilities. The Introductory Week offers several activities, where an online registration is required. Please register for the activities that are of interest for you.

Students who would like to be picked up from the train station upon their arrival in Göttingen may take advantage of our buddy service.

Students who would like to receive help and support during the orientation period and their stay in Göttingen can apply for the study buddy programme.

Learning German

The University of Göttingen offers all students the opportunity to attend German courses of the university on a free-of-charge basis. Courses of all levels are offered. In order to register for one of the courses, you have to take a placement test. The test will indicate which courses are suitable for you.

Arrange your schedule

The first steps are always the hardest – even at a university. On the following page you will find information about the way the studies in Göttingen are organised.

Getting around

As you will notice very soon, almost everyone in Göttingen seems to own a bike. Since this is the cheapest, most convenient and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, it is certainly a good idea to buy one. You can reach almost every place in Göttingen within a 15 minute bike ride.

Earning money

For many students in Germany it is quite normal to work part-time whilst studying. As an international student, you are also allowed to work in Germany. However, the German labour law restricts how many hours foreign students are allowed to work, since studying must be your main occupation.

Meeting new People

Göttingen, with a population of approx. 120,000, is a city where tradition and innovation complement one another perfectly. While the architecture breathes history, the spirit of Göttingen is young and vibrant–thanks to its 30,000 students, more than eleven per cent of them with an international background.


Unlike in other countries, German Universities and their departments usually do not provide full scholarships themselves and study beginners (especially in undergraduate programmes) are rarely eligible to apply for funding prior to starting their studies. Taking a fresh look at funding oppurtinties now can be an excellent idea.

Gender equality and anti-discrimination

What is discrimination? How do I recognise discrimination? What can I do? Comprehensive information for people affected, observers, counsellors or general persons can be found here:

Career Service

The Career Service of the university offers all interested students and graduates detailed information on the process of career planning, on job applications, and how to enter into the world of work in general. The Career Service staff will help you to identify your competencies, to define your professional goals and to develop your personal strategy on how to approach the labour market. They can also have a look at your documents, together with you, and give you feedback on your motivation letter and CV.

Finding Employment in Germany

After concluding your studies in Germany, as a student from a non-EU country you are allowed to remain in Germany for the purpose of looking for employment for a maximum of 18 months after the end of your studies.