Qualification Grant

GSGG supports special qualification measures which are not covered by the offers of GSGG and other institutions of the University of Göttingen. This includes in particular courses or workshops on empirical research methods (e.g. collection and analysis of qualitative research data, interview methods as well as video documentation).
Contrary to what is stated in the application form (under point 2), co-funding by another institution is no longer necessary. You do not need to provide any information here.
Please be sure to observe the information on formal conditions and deadlines in the corresponding leaflet (pdf document in the right column).

Certificate Program in Higher Education Didactics

The acquisition of higher education didactic competencies is a central component of doctoral education. During the doctoral phase, one's own teaching benefits sustainably from knowledge of the content and methods of teaching and learning; in strategic career planning, certified proof of theoretical-methodological knowledge is of central importance.
GSGG supports the participation in the certificate program of university didactics by paying the own contribution due upon participation in the program.

If you have any questions regarding the content or organization of the certificate program, please contact the university didactics team..

The program takes place in German
Currently, the application forms are only available in a non-interactive PDF version. Please print the appropriate form and fill it out legibly, with typed attachment if necessary.