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Ancient Cultures (M.A.)

Degree Programme title: Ancient Cultures - Ancient History (M.A.)
Degree: Master of Arts
Standard period of study: Four semesters
Start: summer and winter semester
Admission: Open admission i.e. no restriction university places; professional aptitude is required; Application must be submitted via the online portal of the Faculty of Humanities.
Degree programme options: Single Honours MA in English Philology (78 C); Joint Honours MA in Ancient Cultures (42 C); Module packages: Ancient Cultures as MA minor subjects (36 C/18 C).

Admission requirements for Joint Honours MA: Overview
Language requirements: Proof of sufficient language skills depending on previous academic achievement
Entrance requirements for module packages: Overview
Note for international applicants: For the enrolment at the Faculty of Humanities certified proficiency in German language is required!

Application: application procedure (application to the faculty of humanities).

Language of the programme: German.

Programme description
The programme aims to give students the skills they need to independently and scientifically deal with the subject matter. Students will receive basic knowledge in the history of antiquity. All aspects of ancient history are considered, meaning that in addition to the historiography and the evaluation of the source material, general sociopolitical topics as well as topics of ancient economic history, military history, religion and intellectual history are also included.

Not only is historical knowledge conveyed in the programme but also skills: the ability to independently work with different types of sources, the ability to independently research a topic and to look at different opinions of research, the ability to present the acutal state of research and the student's own results in oral and written form as well as the ability to use new methods of research and giving presentations.

Recommended language skills
In addition to the required knowledge of Latin in at least the scope of the Latinum, the basic knowledge of Ancient Greek is highly recommended. This also holds true for knowledge of the English language and a further modern foreign language.

Research foci in Göttingen
The subject Ancient Cultures is supported by the Centre for European Cultures and Cultures of the Mediterranean in the Ancient World. The subject offers the possibilities to grasp the political and historical developments of the states of the ancient world, from the high cultures of the 3rd century B.C. up into the period A.D. in its diversity and manifoldness, to become familiar with and research its culture, its social strucutres, its monuments and living environment, and finally to acquire the corresponding methodical approaches.

Programme structure
The programme is composed of compulsory and elective modules. The compulsory modules form the epochal study foci, while the elective modules allow students to individually design the programme. The Master's Programme in Ancient Cultures is divided into a.) studies in Ancient Cultures (42 credits), b) a permissible module pacakge from a different subject in total of 36 credits, or two permissible module packages from a different subject worth 18 credits each, c) Area of Professionalization (key competencies) in the amount of 12 credits, the written Master's thesis (30 credits).

Occupational fields
Degree-holders will be qualified for work in academic teaching and research as well as in the educational field and in the cultural sector. Areas of work therefore include academic institutions, institutions of further education, museums, publishing houses and newspapers, as qualified travel guides etc.