The Equal Opportunity Office provides advice and support on issues relating to the compatibility of studies, career and family, in cases of sexualized violence, mobbing and harassment, as well as on questions regarding equal opportunities and funding opportunities.

The counseling is of course anonymous, confidential and free. It is oriented to your concerns and your wishes. No step is taken without your approval.

You can reach me by phone, by mail or by e-mail. Please keep in mind that unencrypted e-mails are "open" on the way between sender and recipient and sensitive data is thus not protected.

For secure communication, we recommend the following options:

  • A telephone appointment (0551-39 25580) followed by a personal meeting (of course, in compliance with the Corona protection measures),
  • the use of the reporting form on the homepage of the Equal Opportunity Office --> Link,
  • the use of e-mail certificates issued to all employees.
    (Instructions: Link)
    The general information page has the following URL:
    German: Link
    English: Link