Dr. Daniele Panizza

The interpretation and processing of scalar items and their relation with entailing patterns

Born in 1979 in Mantova (Italy), he got his master degree at University of Milano-Bicocca in experimental psychology, PhD at University of Trento, Department of cognitive sciences and education at Rovereto (Italy) and a post-Doc, he spent 1 year as post-Doc at Macquary University in Sydney (Australia) founded by Marica de Vincenzi Foundation, he spent 1 year and a half as Post-doc at the University of Geneve and he's currently a research fellow at the Graduate School of Humanities Gottingen (GSGG)

Research interests

  • Scalar implicatures: processing and interpretation through eye-tracking and ERP
  • Quantifier and logical words: processing and interpretation in adults and children
  • Semantic violation and neuroscience of language: ERP
  • Text, corpus analysis and parsing: computational models in Python