Information about the Master's degree programme

The Master’s programme in Marketing and E-Business (MSc) has been closed for the winter semester 2023/2024. Application to this degree programme is no longer possible. Students already enrolled will be allowed to complete the programme by the end of the winter semester 2025/2026. If you would like to do your master's programme in this field, the would be degree in Management an alternative for you.

Objectives of the degree programme
The Master’s degree program in Marketing and E-Business familiarizes students with the latest knowledge and thinking in the areas of consumer behavior, innovation management, channel management, digital marketing and information systems. Building on several basic courses on all topics, students can either opt for covering all areas to obtain an all-round perspective or to focus on specific topics to emphasize a specialized perspective. The Master program enables students to analyze and solve cross-functional marketing problems in a systematic and method-based manner. In addition, students will be able to understand interdependencies within and between marketing areas and take into account the societal impact of marketing. In addition to a knowledge dissemination by means of lectures, the Master’s program Marketing and E-Business focuses on interactive learning through practical exercises, seminars and project work in cooperation with companies.

Research-oriented content

    The fundamental principles of the degree programme:

  • Communication of key methods and theories
  • Practical application of the methods in hands-on exercises
  • Regular series of lectures by scholars from other domestic and foreign universities

Practice-oriented content

  • Regular series of lectures by selected partners working in business, e.g. from the fields of market research and industry
  • Project seminars with partners from the industry to solve concrete problems together with the company
  • Field trips to various industry partners

Degree programme structure
The (German-language) Master’s degree programme in Marketing and E-Business is spread over four semesters, in which a total of 120 credits must be earned. It is divided into the phases of the courses (1st to 3rd semester) and the Master’s thesis (4th semester). During the course of the Master’s degree programme, students develop their skills in the commercial fields of marketing, channel management and business information systems. During this process, there is considerable scope for students to individually plan their studies and fine-tuning their academic focus. The 120 credits required to pass the Master’s degree examination are acquired through elective-compulsory and elective modules and the Master’s thesis. The elective-compulsory modules provide students with all the important fundamental concepts of Marketing and E-Business. Through a number of elective modules, the students can set their own priorities and build up their own personal profile. At the end of the degree programme, the students write a Master’s thesis in which they extrapolate on the knowledge they have acquired. For students with international ambitions, there is the opportunity to study at one of our attractive partner universities abroad and acquire credits for one's Master’s degree there. The studies abroad can be completed, for example, in France, Spain, the U.S.A or China. More information is available at: The following graphic provides a schematic overview of the structure of the Master’s degree programme in Marketing and E-Business, including a proposed time schedule for the degree programme.

Aufbau_des_Studiums_klein2 Link to the enlarged graphic

Opportunities and perspectives
Successful completion of the Master’s of Science (M. Sc.) in “Marketing and E-Business" opens up excellent career opportunities at domestic and multinational companies. The individual design of the degree programme, in which the advanced economic application-oriented core competencies are intensified, enables students to acquire the marketable skills that are very important in practice. After graduation students can work, for example, in the following fields:

  • Marketing, public relations (PR)
  • Market research
  • Retailing
  • Sales
  • Purchasing, logistics and planning

The diploma is also an excellent launching pad for doctoral studies at the Georg-August University or other universities at home and abroad. In addition, it also qualifies students to work at prestigious research institutes.