During the first and second phase, Kevin Darras conducted his PhD and his PostDoc in the CRC 990. He primarily analyzed bird and bat diversity, function and services in rainforest transformation systems, and acoustically sampled sonant animals in oil palm, and rubber plantations, jungle rubber, shrubland, and secondary forest, together with his team. Some recordings are available online at: ecosound-web.uni-goettingen.de. Using point counts, mist netting, and exclusion studies, diet analyses, meta-analyses, methodological assessments of acoustic sampling methods, and market surveys, he published a range of scientific studies. Kevin Darras initiated the Landscape Assessment, a large-scale, rapid assessment of biota, environmental processes, and socio-economic dimensions, which is now coordinated by Arne Wenzel.

During the 3rd phase, Kevin Darras is associated to B09 to support the ecoacoustic monitoring and collaborative analysis on ecoSound-web, as well as the mosquito sampling in the frame of the Landscape Assessment.

Wreathed Hornbill (Aceros undulatus)