Recent and current events:

Junior scientists of EFForTS organize a session on Managing tropical agricultural land-use systems more sustainably for people and nature at the European Conference of Tropical Ecology in Leipzig from 24-27 March 2020
European Conference of Tropical Ecology, 24-27 March 2020, Leipzig, Germany

Workshop, Dec 2 and 3, 2019 in Göttingen
Workshop Ecotaxonomy

Science Night at the University of Göttingen
4th Night of Science 2019

Press release:
Less fertilizer and no herbicide but same yield?
(Press release University of Göttingen No. 227/2019 – 05.11.2019)

Press release:
Monitoring biodiversity with sound: how machines can enrich our knowledge
(Press release University of Göttingen No. 115/2019 – 18.06.2019)