Recent Publications

Drone-based photogrammetry for predicting tree and oil palm water use. (Ahongshangbam et al., 2019)

DNA barcoding of flowering plants in Sumatra, Indonesia. (Amandita et al., 2019)

How rainforest conversion to agricultural systems in Sumatra (Indonesia) affects active soil bacterial communities. (Berkelmann et al., 2018)

Land-use change and income inequality in rural Indonesia. (Bou Dib et al., 2018)

Genetic Diversity of Dominant Plant Species in Tropical Land-Use Systems in Sumatra, Indonesia. (Breidenbach et al., 2018)

Description of three new species of Aposphragsima Thoma, 2014 (Araneae: Oonopidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia. (Fardiansah et al., 2018)

The Economics Behind an Ecological Crisis: Livelihood Effects of Oil Palm Expansion in Sumatra, Indonesia. (Kubitza et al., 2018)

Tropical rainforest conversion and land use intensification reduce understory plant phylogenetic diversity. (Kusuma et al., 2018)

Linking size spectrum, energy flux and trophic multifunctionality in soil food webs of tropical land‐use systems. (Potapov et al., 2019)

Discouraging Rainforest Transformation: An Ex‐ante Policy Impact Analysis. (Sarwosri et al., 2019)