Structure of EFForTS

Project Group A – Environmental processes
Group coordinators: Dirk Hölscher & Marife Corre, UGoe; Suria Darma Tarigan, IPB; Muhammad Damris, UNJA.
The Environmental processes Project Group comprises five scientific projects (SPs) investigating environmental settings and processes affecting biota (including humans). Environmental processes and settings include climate, water and soils, as well as the historical perspective.

Project Group B – Biota and ecosystem services
Group coordinators: Holger Kreft & Martyna Kotowska, UGoe; Leti Sundawati, IPB; Upik Yelianti, UNJA.
The Biota and ecosystem services Project Group comprises seven scientific projects (SPs) focusing on biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions of plants, animals and microorganisms. This includes a biodiversity enrichment experiment in oil palm plantations (B11 / EFForTS-BEE).

Project Group C – Human dimensions
Group coordinators: Meike Wollni & Oliver Mußhoff, UGoe; Nunung Nuryartono, IPB; Rosyani, UNJA.
The Human dimensions Project Group comprises eight scientific projects (SPs) focusing on investigating determinants and consequences of land-use changes on humans at different levels of organization, from the farm and household level, via the village to national and global scales.

Project Group Z02 – Central Scientific Service Project
Group coordinators: Alexander Knohl & Oliver Gailing & Stefan Scheu, UGoe; Iskandar Z Siregar & Damayanti Buchori & Purnama Hidayat, IPB; Bambang Irawan, UNJA.
Z02 is responsible for gathering background meteorological data and for building a barcoding database of higher plants and focal groups of aboveground invertebrates. Further, Z02 monitors aboveground animals for analysing inter-annual variability in canopy arthropod communities, and functions as interface with local collections and authorities including the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) related measures of the CBD.

INF – Research Data Management and Integrative Statistical Analysis
Group coordinators: Wolfram Horstmann & Thomas Kneib & Ramin Yahyapour, UGoe; Suria Darma Tarigan, IPB; Junaidi Sutan, UNJA.
The INF project facilitates data exchange among the scientific projects and ensures long-term storage of data. Further, INF functions as statistical expert hub providing advice in statistics to all CRC members.

Project Ö (PR) - Teacher education for society: Making EFForTS knowledge available for Indonesia
Group coordinators: Susanne Bögeholz, UGoe; Leti Sundawati, IPB; Upik Yelianti, UNJA; I Nengah Suparta, Undiksha
The PR project responds to the question “How can we make EFForTS knowledge available to society?” and thereby “How can this knowledge be integrated into Education for Sustainable Development in Indonesia?”