Education and Promotion of Junior Researchers

Around 38 Postdoctoral researchers have been employed in EFForTS since the start of the project in 2012. In Phase 3 (2020-2023), each of the Postdocs in the project is integrated in synthesis activities that receive particular attention from EFForTS PIs as well as Group Speakers and Foci speakers to the benefit of the career of postdoctoral researchers functioning as first authors of these papers.

Doctoral researchers
Since the start of the project in 2012, about 100 doctoral researchers participate(d) in EFForTS, thereof 42 students with external scholarships or university (UGOE) funding.
To date, 74 doctoral researchers have completed their theses at the University of Göttingen, including 21 PhD students from Indonesia. In addition, at IPB University in Bogor, nine doctoral researchers concluded their work.

Education Junior Researchers

Dissertations - Göttingen (2023)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Guantao Chen A05 Chinese Scholarship Council Soil greenhouse gas fluxes and nutrient leaching losses in a large-scale oil palm plantation: conventional versus reduced fertilization rates and weed control Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2022)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Britta Greenshields associated project Sauer DFG Impacts of rainforest transformation into oil-palm plantations on silicon pools in soils Link
Rachmawaty Aisjah Ryadin B07 Stipendium; Republic of Indonesia Influence of oil palm plantation management on root biomass, functions and associated microorganisms
Garvin Schulz B08 DFG & Dept. Scheu Soil protists in tropical systems: From morphological variation to trophic groups Link
Daniel Ramos Gutierrez Z02 KAAD & Dept. Scheu Diversity, phylogeny and trophic ecology of arboreal spider (Araneae) assemblages along a transformation gradient from lowland rainforest to oil palm plantations in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2021)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Mattia Bonazza A03 ERC & Dept. Knohl Water stable isotopic measurements in a mature oil palm plantation: Partitioning the water exchange with the atmosphere using stable water isotopes Link
Nina Hennings A04 DFG Impact of tropical rainforest transformation in Indonesia on soil carbon sources, turnover and losses Link
Winda Ika Susanti B08 DFG & Dept. Scheu Soil fauna in the lowland rainforest and agricultural systems of Sumatra: Changes in community composition and trophic structure with focus on Collembola Link
Jennifer Merten C02 DFG Agrarian change and hydro-social transformations. The socio-natural production of water, risk and inequality in Jambi province, Indonesia Link
Daniel Neak Chrisendo C07 Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia A Blessing in Disguise? Effects of Oil Palm Adoption on Smallholder Farmers’ Wellbeing and Agricultural Transformation in Indonesia Link
Nadjia Mehraban C07 DFG Land-use change, socioeconomic welfare, and gender roles in rural Indonesia Link
Karina Brenneis C08 DFG Policy interventions, perceptions, and pro-environmental behavior for sustainable oil palm cultivation in Indonesia Link
Miryam Sarah Merk INF DFG Spatial and spatiotemporal stochastic processes - Estimation and modeling of spatial dependencies with applications in environmetrics
Dissertations - Göttingen (2020)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Joyson Ahongshangbam A02 Dept. Hölscher Tree and oil palm water use: Scaling, spatial heterogeneity and temporal dynamics (Sumatra, Indonesia) Link
Florian Ellsäßer A02 DFG Tree and palm water stress: thermal infrared sensing from UAVs, Indonesia Link
Greta Formaglio A05 DFG The effect of reduced management intensity on soil nutrient dynamics in a large-scale oil palm plantation: soil nitrogen cycle, asymbiotic nitrogen fixation and nutrient leaching losses Link
Dirk Berkelmann B02 DFG Impact of rainforest conversion: How prokaryotic communities respond to anthropogenic land use changes Link
Pierre-André Waite B04 DFG Variability of wood and leaf functional traits in response to structural and environmental changes in natural and transformed systems in Indonesia Link
Johannes Ballauff B07 DFG Compositional and functional shifts in belowground fungal communities in tropical land-use systems Link
Alena Krause B08 DFG Changes in trophic niches of oribatid mites with transformation of tropical rainforest systems - from rainforest into rubber and oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Kevin Li B09 DFG Pollinator communities, function, and service in the oil palm landscape of Jambi Province, Indonesia File
Jan Salecker B10 DFG Landscape-level assessment of ecological and socioeconomic functions of rainforest transformation systems in Sumatra (Indonesia) Link
Bernhard Dalheimer C01 DFG Economic Policy in Global Commodity Markets - Methods, Efficiency and Trade-offs Link
Rakhma Sujarwo C01 DFG Palm oil and rubber price and trader’s behavior at international towards local Level Link
Arieska Wening Sarowski C06 DFG Analysing smallholder farmers’ Adoption of new technology under the consideration of risk attitudes and time preferences Link
Katrin Rudolf C08 Dept. Wollni Policies and Management Practices for Sustainable Oil Palm - Evidence from Indonesia Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2019)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Kartika Anggi Hapsari A01 Erasmus Mundus The past dynamics of environment and carbon, the potential for climate change mitigation and the assessment for conservation, management and restoration Link
Joost Koks A05 DFG Tropical forest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations: landscape-scale and inter-annual variability of soil greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes and the contribution of tree-stem emissions to the soil GHG budget in Jambi province, Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Fabian Brambach B06 DFG Diversity, composition, and biogeography of trees in tropical mountain forests of Sulawesi, Indonesia Link
Watit Khokthong B11 Thai Government Drone-based assessments of crowns, canopy cover and land use types in and around an oil palm agroforestry experiment Link
Peter Pütz INF DFG Causality, prediction, and replicability in applied statistics: Advanced models and practices Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2018)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Christina Ani Setyaningsih A01 Erasmus Mundus Palaeoecological evidence of ecosystem dynamics in Sumatra, Indonesia. Case studies of tropical submountains and mangroves Link
Clifton Ralph Sabajo A03 Erasmus Mundus Land use and land cover changes in South East Asia: The effects of land transformations on biophysical variables in Indonesia Link
Jonida Bou Dib C07 DAAD Effects of oil palm expansion and other related land-use changes on the livelihoods of rural households in Indonesia Link
Christoph Kubitza C07 DFG Land-use change and rural development in Indonesia: Economic, institutional and demographic aspects of deforestation and oil palm expansion Link
Miriam Romero C08 DFG Pro-environmental behavior among Indonesian oil palm smallholders: Understanding perceptions, intentions and actions Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2017)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Afik Hardanto A02 DIKTI – Ministry Higher Education Indonesia Oil palm and rubber tree transpiration: Topography, flooding and tree admixture in jungle rubber stands Link
Evelyn Hassler A05 DFG Consequences of rainforest conversion to smallholder rubber and oil palm plantations on soil trace gas fluxes from highly weathered soils in Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Dian Melati B05 DFG The use of remote sensing data to monitor land use systems and forest variables of the tropical rainforest landscape under transformation in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Josephine Sahner B07 DFG Impact of rain forest transformation on roots and functional diversity of root-associated fungal communities Link
Elisabeth Hettig B10 DFG Agricultural transformation and land-use change. Evidence on causes and impacts from Indonesia Link
Anna Mareike Holtkamp C01 DFG Technical and environmental efficiency of smallholder palm oil and rubber production Link
Barbara Beckert C02 University of Göttingen A post-frontier in transformation: land relations between access, exclusion and resistance in Jambi province, Indonesia Link
Rina Mardiana C02 Erasmus Mundus Contesting knowledge of land access claims in Jambi, Indonesia Link
Dewi Nur Asih C04 DIKTI – Ministry Higher Education Indonesia Essays on food security and rural transformation: Insights from Indonesia Link
Katharina van Treeck C04 DFG The role of labor in sustainable development Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2016)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Niu Furong A02 Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) Transpiration by oil palm and rubber plantations: refining methods and delineating differences Link
Yuanchao Fan A03 Erasmus Mundus Modeling oil palm monoculture and its associated impacts on land-atmosphere carbon, water and energy fluxes in Indonesia Link
Syahrul Kurniawan A05 DGHE – Directorate General of Higher Education Indonesia Conversion of lowland forests to rubber and oil palm plantations changes nutrient leaching and nutrient retention efficiency in highly weathered soils of Sumatra, Indonesia Link
Malte Jochum B01 DFG Using body mass, metabolism and stoichiometry to assess ecological impacts in a changing environment Link
Natalie Breidenbach B03 DFG Plant genetic diversity in tropical lowland rainforest transformation systems in Sumatra (Indonesia) Link
Fitri Yola Amandita B03 Self-financed DNA barcoding of flowering plants in Jambi, Indonesia PDF
Yasmin Abou Rajab B04 DFG Shade trees in cacao agroforestry systems: influence on roots and net primary production Link
Fuad Nurdiansyah B09 DAAD Local and landscape management of biological pest control in oil palm plantations Link
Kevin Darras B09 DFG Bird diversity, functions and services across Indonesian land-use systems Link
Lisa Denmead B09 DFG Ant diversity, function and services across tropical land-use systems in Indonesia Link
Anne Gérard B11 DFG Experimental biodiversity enrichment in an oil-palm plantation Link
Jonas Hein C02 DIE Rescaling conflictive access and property relations in the context of REDD+ in Jambi, Indonesia Link
Yvonne Kunz C02 DFG Landscape transformation in Jambi province, Sumatra - An analysis of land tenure regulations under translational dynamics Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2015)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Siria Biagioni A01 DFG Long-term dynamics of tropical rainforests, climate, fire, human impact and land-use change in Indonesia Link
Alexander Röll A02 DFG Changes in eco-hydrological functioning after tropical rainforest transformation to rubber and oil palm plantations Link
Thomas Guillaume A04 DFG Effects of rainforest transformation systems on carbon cycle and soil fertility Link
Kara Allen A05 DFG Impacts of land-use conversion in Sumatra, Indonesia on soil nitrogen cycling, soil nutrient stocks and ecosystem dynamics Link
Andrew Barnes B01 DFG Land-use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of complex multitrophic communities Link
Martyna Kotowska B04 DFG Carbon pools and sequestration in vegetation, litter dynamics and hydraulic anatomic properties in rainforest transformation systems in Indonesia Link
Nur Edy B07 Erasmus Mundus Community structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in temperate grassland and tropical land-use systems Link
Miriam Teuscher B11 DFG Ecological impacts of biodiversity enrichment in oil palm plantations Link
Thomas Kopp C01 DFG Failures and interventions on agricultural markets at the international, national and regional scale Link
Stefan Moser C06 DFG Analysing smallholders behaviour on Sumatra: An ex ante policy analysis and investigation of experiments external validity under consideration of risk Link
Michael Euler C07 DFG Oil palm expansion among Indonesian smallholders - adoption, welfare implications and agronomic challenges Link
Marcel Gatto C07 Dept. Quaim Land-use dynamics, economic development, and institutional change in rural communities - Evidence from the Indonesian oil palm sector Link
Miriam Vorlaufer C08 DFG Designing incentive mechanisms for sustainable land management: evidence from Indonesia Link
Dissertations - Göttingen (2014)
Name Scientific Project Funding Title Link
Rivayani Darmawan C04 DFG Three essays on Indonesian political economy: Elite capture, corruption, and female policy makers Link
Mohammed Irfany Iqbal C04 Erasmus Mundus Economic development and de-carbonization paths: Micro and macro perspectives from Indonesia Link
Dissertations - Indonesia (2020)
Name University Counterparts Title Link
Fitri Indriani IPB University Iskandar Z. Siregar, B14
Ulfah J. Siregar, B14
Genomic characterization for adaptation of Shorea balangeran Burck
Karakterisasi Genomik Daya Adaptasi Shorea balangeran Burck
Rawati Panjaitan IPB University Purnama Hidayat, Z02
Damayanti Buchori, Z02
Diversity and abundance of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) in four land use in the Bukit Duabelas and Hutan Harapan landscape, Jambi, Sumatera
Keanekaragaman dan Kelimpahan Kupu-kupu (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) pada Empat Penggunaan Lahan di Lanskap Bukit Duabelas dan Hutan Harapan, Jambi, Sumatera
Dissertations - Indonesia (2019)
Name University Counterparts Title Link
Esti Utarti IPB University Anja Meryandini, B02 Enzymatic degradation of lignocellulose from indigenous Actinomycetes: Potential use of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase in pre-treatment of lignocellulose waste
Degradasi Enzimatis Lignoselulosa Oleh Aktinomiset Indigenous: Potensi Penggunaan Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenase dalam Pra Perlakuan Limbah Berlignoselulosa
Dissertations - Indonesia (2017)
Name University Counterparts Title Link
Risky Hadi Wibowo IPB University Nisa Rachmania Mubarik, B02 Diversity of chitinolitic bacteria from tropical rain forest and transformation forest in Jambi and the potential of chitin degrading enzymes of Gnoderma boninense
Keragaman Bakteri Kitinolitik Asal Hutan Hujan Tropis dan Potensi Enzim Pendegradasi Kitin pada Ganoderma boninense
Zulfarina IPB University Nisa Rachmania Mubarik, B02 Diversity of bacteria which have a role in nitrogen cycling in tropical rain forest and oil palm plantation in Jambi
Keragaman dan Kelimpahan Bakteri yang Berperan dalam Siklus Nitrogen di Kawasan Hutan Hujan Tropis dan Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Jambi
Dissertations - Indonesia (2015)
Name University Counterparts Title Link
Bejo Slamet IPB University I Nengah Surati Jaya, B05
Hendrayanto, A02
Suria Darma Tarigan, B10
Interception and runoff in tropical lowland forest transformation systems in Jambi
Intersepsi dan aliran permukaan pada transformasi hutan hujan tropika dataran rendah Jambi
Violita IPB University Triadiati Antono, B04 Nitrogen dynamic in oil palm plantation and natural forest in Sarolangun
Dinamika nitrogen pada sistem transformasi hutan alam menjadi perkebunan kelapa sawit di Sumatera, Indonesia
Marini Wijayanti IPB University Anja Meriyandini, B02 Bacterial diversity and lipase producing bacteria in forest and oil palm plantation at Sarolangun Jambi, Indonesia
Keragaman Bakteri dan Bakteri Penghasil Lipase dalam Hutan dan Perkebunan Sawit di Sarolangun Jambi Indonesia
Dissertations - Indonesia (2013)
Name University Counterparts Title Link
Eva Achmad IPB University Nengah Surati Jaya, B05 Estimation and biomass classification of lowland forest transition ecosystem in Jambi Province
Estimasi dan klasifikasi biomassa pada ekosistem transisi hutan dataran rendah di provinsi Jambi

Master students
EFForTS also supports master students. Since 2012, 108 master students completed their studies at Göttingen and 46 master students at our partner universities in Indonesia.

Master studies - Göttingen (2023)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Bayu Budi Hanggara A03 Analysis of the dynamics of land use gradient intensity on carbon flux, surface energy balance, and water use efficiency in Southeast Asian forest and plantation systems.
Usda Kristina Tassariya C07 Women's Participation in Oil Palm Production and Effects on Household Income.
Kirstin Kelly Cavanaugh Z02 The effects of tropical rainforest transformation on the trophic structure of canopy Diptera, Formicidae, and parasitoid wasps in Indonesia.
Master studies - Göttingen (2022)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Katja Weyhermüller A02 Surface temperatures and evapotranspiration of a forest patch in an oil palm landscape.
Rebecca Groninga B10 Modelling the effect of landscape structure on biological pest control in rainforest transformation systems
Marc Aurel Tagne Mambou B11 Influence of land-use changes on multi-taxa diversity along spatial scales in Sumatra, Indonesia
Dorothee Verena Seybold C10 Environmental shocks and land use transformation: The effects of earthquakes on deforestation in Indonesian villages
Isabel Eggers del Campo C10 The footprint of economic development: Comparing remotely sensed settlement and nightlight data
Desalegn Yadeta Wedajo C12 A review of collaborative and participatory modelling approaches in the context of land-use modelling approaches to inform agricultural and forest management
Gina Göhmann PR Utility value of a self-learning unit on oil palm management in Indonesian teacher education
Valentine Lautent Z02 Shifts in biological and functional diversity of beetle (Coleoptera) families after rainforest conversion to monoculture cash crops in Jambi, Sumatra
Radit Sawaskorn Z02 Changes in diversity and community assembly of canopy leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) after rainforest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations
Master studies - Göttingen (2021)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Natascha Willkomm A01 Late Holocene vegetation and climate dynamics inter-related to human and volcanic impact in the mountainous region in Sumatra, Indonesia
Puja Sharma A02 Variability of tree transpiration in a tropical rainforest explained by environmental fluctuations, stand structure and site conditions
Delima Nur Ramadhani A02 Drone-based assessment of vegetation indices over an oil palm management experiment in Jambi, Indonesia
Mahan Subedi A03 Investigating the influence of extreme climatic events on net ecosystem carbon-dioxide exchange (NEE) and evapotranspiration (ET) in a commercial oil palm plantation, Indonesia
Anuj Thapa Magar A07 Investigating the litterfall dynamics of semideciduous tropical woody ecosystems: An analysis with space and time
Sunom Shrestha A07 Using field measurements and a soil water balance model to investigate changes in soil moisture in oil palm plantations
Duc Anh Le B06 The effects of tropical land-use change on multi-taxon phylogenetic diversity and structure in lowland Sumatra, Indonesia
Fernanda Cantillio Rodriguez B11, B06 Large, diverse and dense tree islands with low vertical structure promotes diversity of tree regeneration in an oil palm agroforestry system in Sumatra, Indonesia
Denver Cayetano B11, B06 Landscape effects on multi-taxa diversity and ecosystem functioning in experimental tree islands: A multi-scale analysis
Bed Prakash Dhakal B11 Drivers of invasion by Clidemia hirta in an oil palm agroforestry in a biodiversity enrichment experiment in Sumatra, Indonesia
Daniel Teklemariam B14 Molecular species identification and phylogenetic assignments of Bursearceae from Indonesia using plant core DNA barcoding
Karuna Shrestha B14 The use of barcoding sequences for phylogenetic assessment in Meliaceae from fragments of rainforest in Indonesia
Jakob Vincent Latzko C01 Dynamic efficiency and resource productivity of oil palm smallholders in Jambi, Indonesia - a non-parametric analysis PDF
Aileen Thomas C02 Crop diversification of smallholder farmers in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia: Understanding inhibiting and promoting factors with the help of a causal realist approach
Thomas Horn C08 Palm oil expansion and social conflict in Indonesian villages: An empirical analysis
Svenja Horn C10 Floods and sexual violence against women in Indonesia: A panel data analysis
Katharina Neumann C10 Do earthquakes and tsunamis trigger local conflicts? Empirical evidence from Indonesian village data
Isabel Eggers del Campo C10 The footprint of economic development: Comparing remotely sensed settlement and nightlight data
Jacqueline Seufert C10 Modelling ex ante spatial risks of Covid-19 in Indonesia using network analysis and Bayesian geostatistics
Jacqueline Dischereit PR More sustainable oil palm management –  A socioscientific issue teaching and learning unit for Indonesian Teacher Education about the EFForTS oil palm management experiment (OPMX)
Dominik Finke PR Inquiry-based teaching and learning on the EFForTS biodiversity enrichment experiment for ecological restoration of oil palm plantations – An educational unit for social and agroforestry courses in indonesian higher education
Mai Pham PR Evaluation of an EFForTS self-learning module on sustainable oil palm management for biology teacher students in Indonesia – Results of testings at the University of Jambi (Sumatra) and at Ganesha University of Education (Bali)
Camille Revest Z02 Changes in diversity and community assembly of canopy theridiid spiders (Araneae: Theridiidae) after rainforest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations
Mathieu Bussy Z02 Changes in diversity and community assembly of canopy rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) after rainforest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations
Nguyen Tuan Anh Z02 Application of ALS data to assess edge effects on forest structural characteristics in tropics
Karin Bezler Sauer, associated Impacts of land use transformation from tropical lowland rainforest to oil palm plantations on the silicon release of phytoliths
Felix Schwarz Sauer, associated Plant silicon status in oil palm crops in Jambi Province, Indonesia
Master studies - Göttingen (2020)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Svea-Lina Jahnk A01 The effect of climate variability on pollen rain-vegetation relationship in different rainforest and transformation system in Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Tongming Kang A02 Leaf area index - spatial heterogeneity at the landscape scale
Tama Ray A02 Canopy metrics and transpiration of a tropical secondary forest patch
Jonathan Tien-Yi Fung B09 Pollination services of the local insect community of Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Amsalia Pasila B10 Modelling understorey plants species richness in agricultural landscapes in lowland Sumatra
Laura Donfack Somenguem B11/A02 Heterogeneity in microclimate and canopy leaf temperatures in experimental oil palm agroforests in lowland Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Vanessa Montoya-Sanchez B11/B06 Beta-diversity patterns and multi-trophic interactions in an enriched oil palm plantation (Sumatra, Indonesia)
Aninha Lassen B11 Interdisciplinary consideration of social and ecological benefits of single trees in an oil palm plantation in the province of Jambi Sumatra, Indonesia
Jasper Knieling C02 Smallholder perceptions of sustainability criteria related to forest and peatland restauration PDF
Daniela de la Hoz C07 Economic contribution and charactersterization of family members helping in agricultural employment in Indonesia
Marlene Kühling C07 Agrarian change, livelihood dynamics and welfare outcomes in plantation farm households in Indonesia
Aiden John Holley C08 Are agricultural advisory services fit to support sustainable land management among oil palm smallholders? A study for Jambi, Indonesia
Joshua Jäger C10 Palm oil expansion and social conflict in Indonesian villages: An empirical analysis
Ivo Daumann PR/A03 Biodiesel from palm oil – The impact of land use transformation on biogeochemical cycles addressed as socioscientific issue unit for indonesian teacher education
Camilla Schmidt Z02 Effects of land-use transformations in Indonesia on trophic positions and basal resources of Blattodea, Hemiptera and Collembola in tropical forest canopies using compound-specific isotope analysis of amino acids PDF
André Junggebauer Z02 Diversity and community assembly structure in canopy jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) across a land use gradient in Jambi, Sumatra PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2019)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Kyra Zembold B04 Xylem anatomy and branch embolism resistance of Sumatran rainforest trees PDF
Biplabi Bhattarai B06 Plant functional traits and functional diversity across four land-use systems in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
George Ofori Ankomah B06 Assessment of leaf area index and canopy openness across four land-use systems in Jambi Province Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Rebekka Blessenohl B09 Impacts of weeding and fertilisation management on arthropod communities in oil palm plantations PDF
Sonja Schröck B09 Impacts of land use on native pollinator diversity and survival in Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Andrés Angulo Rubiano B09 Bird diversity benefits from large and diverse tree islands but not mechanical weeding within an oil palm landscape in Sumatra PDF
Johanna Kückes B11 Enhancing soil water infiltration through tree-enrichment planting within an oil-palm dominated landscape in Jambi, Indonesia PDF
Kilian Nußbaum C10 Land use policies in Indonesian districts: Political economy and localization considerations PDF
Tizian Lang Z02 Diversity of parasitoid wasps along a tropical land-use gradient PDF
Laura Pauli Sauer, associated Effect of fire on silicon availability in topsoils and litter of lowland rainforests and oil palm plantations PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2018)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Branindityo Nugroho A07 Leaf gas exchange measurement under land use changes in Jambi, Indonesia PDF
Rodrigo Paul Vera Ramirez B05 Land cover classification for Jambi Province, Indonesia using two different remote sensing techniques: visual interpretation and supervised classification PDF
Thakur Prasad Magrati B06 Effects of land-use change on ecological plant traits and strategies in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Isabelle Arimond B09 Effects of biodiversity enrichment in oil palm monocultures on pollinator diversity PDF
Mats Mahnken B10 Modelling avian α-diversity in the land use transformation systems of Indonesia PDF
Darlyn Alejandra Valdés Uribe B11 Leaf area index in oil palm plantations under different management practices and in re-growing tree islands in Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Lena Sachsenmaier B11 The effect of tree enrichment in an oil palm plantation on the biodiversity of the understorey vegetation PDF
Hendrik Lorenz B11 Competition and yield in oil palm agroforestry: Examining the ‘yield penalty’ of biodiversity PDF
Lalit Kumar Dangol B14 The use of barcoding sequences for the construction of phylogenetic trees in the Lauraceae PDF
Kevin Jair Hernandez Bado B14 The use of barcoding sequences for the construction of phylogenetic relationships in the Dipterocarpaceae family PDF
Imke Rödel C02 Smallholders´ sustainability perceptions vs. performance in the context of indonesian palm oil - How do international sustainability criteria influence local discourses and practices in rural Sumatra? PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2017)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Anu Singh B06 Effects of forest roads and forest degradation on invasive alien plant species in Sumatran lowland rainforest PDF
Kamal Raj Aryal B06 Effect of land-use change on the diversity of useful plants in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Alessio Paoletti B09 Amphibian and reptile communities of dry and wet sites across Indonesian oil palm, rubber and forests PDF
Neil Jun Lobite B09 Impacts of lowland rainforest transformation to rubber and oil palm on multiple dimensions of chiropteran diversity - at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos (Co-supervision B09) PDF
Katrin Martens C02 Adaption strategies of oil palm smallholders towards certification schemes - A micro scale approach from Jambi, Sumatra PDF
Jean Merlin von Agris C07 Rubber price drop, smallholder livelihood effects, and adaptation measures in Sumatra PDF
Johanna Meinecke C08 Adoption of sustainable management practices in oil palm plantations by smallholder farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2016)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Chandra Shekhar Badu A03 Comparison of microclimate in various land-use systems in Jambi, Indonesia PDF
Jennifer Arns B11 Herbivory and its effect on tree growth and tree survival in an enrichment planting experiment in Jambi, Sumatra PDF
Birte Cordts B11 Seed rain in remnant forests and an oil palm plantation in Jambi province, Sumatra PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2015)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Katharina Reuter A01 The effect of land use change on pollen/spore rain in tropical lowland of Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Arne Wenzel B06 Diversity of vascular epiphytes in jungle rubber agroforests and different land-use systems in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Lukas Beeretz B06 Diversity of vascular epiphytes in jungle rubber along a distance gradient to Bukit Duabelas National Park in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Yayan Wahyu Candra Kusuma B06 Phylogenetic structure of understorey plant communities in four different land-use systems in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Arite Hildebrandt B09 Diet and functional diversity of birds in different rainforest transformation systems in Sumatra PDF
Martin Bruneß B10 Rural pathways out of poverty – Cash crop farming as a driver of pro-poor growth PDF
Robin Naumann B11 Exploration of tropical landscape structures by an unmanned aerial vehicle in Sumatra PDF
Sandra Tappendorf C08 Trust and gender: Comparing experimental and survey evidence from rural Sumatra PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2014)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Edwine Satia Purnama B05 Evaluation of rapidEye data in determining forest structure and biomass case study in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia PDF
Judith Krobbach B06 Diversity and dynamics of vascular epiphytes and arthropods in oil palm plantations in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Walesa Edho Prabowo B09 Disappearing forest species and altered guild composition: bird community responses to land transformation in Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Manuel Toledo-Hernández B09 Management of homegardens in Indonesian agricultural landscapes and its impact on invertebrate diversity and herbivore predation PDF
Dominik Ganser B09 Ecosystem services provided by epiphytic plants in rainforest transformation systems of Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Fuad Bahrul Ulum B12 Ploidy levels and reproductive behaviour in natural populations of Centotheca lappacea from Jambi, Indonesia PDF
Riska Pujiati C01 The impact of free trade agreements on commodity trade flows PDF
Jennifer Merten C02 Land use change and rural water supply in the tropics. Perceptions and impacts of oil palm expansion in Sumatra, Indonesia PDF
Seraphim Freiherr von Loë C06 The effect of farmer's time preferences on measures to enhance soil organic matter: An experimental approach PDF
Dörte Rüther C06 An experimental investigation of farmer´s time preferences - a method comparison PDF
Master studies - Göttingen (2013)
Name Scientific Project Title File
Christian Altenhövel B06 Diversity of vascular epiphytes in lowland rainforest and oil palm plantations in Sumatra (Indonesia) PDF
Triana Gita Dewi C07 Farm profitability and resource use in rubber and oil palm smallholders of Batanghari, Jambi, Indonesia PDF
Evita Fathia Luthfina C07 Sea farming and its contribution to poverty alleviation: An empirical study from Indonesia PDF
Ami Sukma Utami C07 The analysis of horticultural diversification in Koto Tinggi Village, West Sumatera, Indonesia PDF
Master studies - Indonesia (2023)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title Link
Asri Buliyansih Z01 Status of Sustainability of Food Consumption Patterns of the Internal Child Tribe (SAD) at Resort II.E Air Hitam I Bukit Duabelas National Park
Status Keberlanjutan Pola Konsumsi Pangan Suku Anak Dalam (SAD) Di Resort II.E Air Hitam I Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas
Ardiansyah Z01 Legal Protection for Ecosystem Restoration Concession Forest Areas (Case Study: Concession Areas of PT Restorasi Ecosystem Indonesia)
Perlindungan Hukum Terhadap Kawasan Hutan Areal Konsesi Restorasi Ekosistem (Studi Kasus: Areal Konsesi Pt Restorasi Ekosistem Indonesia)
Master studies - Indonesia (2022)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title Link
Yudha Kristanto Prof. Tania June,
Prof. Suria Tarigan
A03 Water regulating ecosystem services of multifuction landscape dominated by monoculture oil palm
Jasa Ekosistem Regulasi Air Multifungsi Lanskap Yang Didominasi Oleh Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Monokultur
Siti Nadia Nurul Azizah Prof. Tania June A03 Biogeophysical impacts of L+ use change in Jambi Province on Lifting Condentation Level + Rainfall
Analsis dampak biogeofisik dari perubahan penggunaan lahan di proninsi Jambi: Implikasi bagi LCL dan curah hujan
Nurbaya Hakim Dr. Ir. Rosyani C02 Enabling Factors Effect the Implementation of Oil Palm Replanting In Tanjung Jabung Barat District Jambi Province-Sumatera-Indonesia
Faktor pendukung yang Mempengaruhi Pelaksanaan Peremajaan Kelapa Sawit Di Kabupaten Tanjung Jabung Barat Provinsi Jambi-Sumatera-Indonesia
Master studies - Indonesia (2021)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title Link
Amanatun Nisa Prof. Triadiati B04 Potential conductivity of oil palm root xylem vessel in riparian and well-drained zones at Harapan Jambi forest
Konduktivitas Hidrolik Potensial Pembuluh Xilem Akar Kelapa Sawit pada Zona Riparian dan Non-Riparian di Hutan Harapan Jambi
Jamaluddinsyah Prof. Triadiati B04 Linkage between tree height, diameter and hydraulic conductivity of twigs xylem vessels in Jambi forests
Keterkaitan antara Ketinggian Pohon dengan Diameter Xilem dan Konduktivitas Hidrolik Pembuluh Xilem Ranting Pohon di Hutan Provinsi Jambi
Di Ajeng Prameswari Prof. Rahayu Widyastutu B08 Diversity of soil Mesostigmata in different types of land-use on rainy season and dry season in Jambi Province
Keanekaragaman Mesostigmata tanah pada beberapa penggunaan Lahan terhadap musim hujan dan musim kemarau di Provinsi Jambi
Muhammad Naufal Rizqulloh Prof. Rahayu Widyastutu B08 Effects of tropical rainforest transformation into monoculture plantations on ants abundance and diversity in Jambi Province, Sumatra
Pengaruh transformasi hutan hujan tropis menjadi perkebunan monokultur terhadap kelimpahan dan keragaman semut di Provinsi Jambi, Sumatra
Zumaida Nur Pulungan Prof. Rika Raffiudin B09 Adaptation of stingless bee (Tetragonula laeviceps) in forest conversion habitat in Harapan Rainforest
Aktivitas terbang Tetragonula laeviceps di hutan terfragmentasi, perkebunan karet dan semak, di Provinsi Jambi
Nila Nurhikmah Dr. Ir. Rosyani C02 Community’s Perception and Poverty Threaten the Preservation Of Forest Protection (Tahura) “Orang Kayo Hitam” In Muaro Jambi District Jambi Province Sumatera-Indonesia
Persepsi Masyarakat dan Kemiskinan Mengancam Kelestarian Hutan Lindung (Tahura) “Orang Kayo Hitam” Di Kabupaten Muaro Jambi Provinsi Jambi Sumatera-Indonesia
Master studies - Indonesia (2020)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Ummu Ma'rufah Prof. Tania June,
Prof. Akhmad Faqih
A03 Land use change in Jambi: Implication to biogeophysical and biogeochemical processes analyzed using CLM5
Perubahan Penngunaan Lahan di Jambi: Implikasinya terhadap Proses Biogeofisika dan Biogeokimia, dianalisis menggunakan CLM5
Meriana Ina Kii Prof. Tania June A03 Dynamic modelling of CO2 fluxes from oil palm canopy
Pemodelan Dinamika CO2 pada Tanaman Kelapa Sawit
Mazidah Noer Inayah Prof. Anja Meryandini,
Prof. Yulin Lestari
B02 Community of soil Actinobacteria in PTPN VI oil palm plantation Jambi based on amplicon sequencing of 16S rRNA gene
Komunitas Aktinobakteri di Tanah Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit PTPN VI Jambi Berdasarkan Sekuens Amplikon Gen 16S rRNA
Nitya Ade Santi Prof. I Nengah Surati Jaya B05 Measuring the land cover change in burned area using change vector analysis approach
Pengukuran Perubahan Tutupan Lahan di Area Bekas Terbakar menggunakan Pendekatan Change Vector Analysis
Ridha Wati Prof. Iskandar Z. Siregar,
Prof. Fitri Yola Amandita
B14 Utilization of DNA barcode markers for species identification of selected genera in Myrtaceae
Pemanfaatan Marka DNA Barcode Untuk Identifikasi Jenis Dari Genus Terpilih pada Famili Myrtaceae
Master studies - Indonesia (2019)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Elfa Norisda Aulianisa Prof. Ulfah J. Siregar B03 Population genetics and evolution of the Dyera costulata (Miq.) Hook.f. and Dyera polyphylla (Miq) Steenis in Sumatera and Kalimantan
Populasi Genetik dan Evolusi pada Dyera costulata (Miq.) Hook.f. dan Dyera polyphylla (Miq) Steenis di Sumatera dan Kalimantan
Muhammad Syaifullah Hiola Prof. Damayanti Buchori Z02 Diversity of arboreal rove beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) in the landscape of Hutan Harapan and Bukit Duabelas National Park, Jambi
Keanekaragaman Kumbang Jelajah Arboreal (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) di Lanskap Hutan Harapan dan Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas, Jambi
Amrul Jihadi Prof. Damayanti Buchori Z02 Detection of pollinating insect deficit as an impact of land use changes in Jambi
Deteksi defisit serangga penyerbuk sebagai dampak dari perubahan penggunaan lahan di Jambi
Azru Azhar Prof. Damayanti Buchori Z02 Impact of flowering vegetation and riparian site to Hymenoptera Parasitica diversity and species composition on forest, rubber, and oil palm plantation in Jambi
Peran Tanaman Berbunga dan Daerah Riparian terhadap Keanekaragaman dan Komposisi Spesies Hymenoptera Parasitika pada Lahan Hutan, Karet, dan Kelapa Sawit di Jambi
Master studies - Indonesia (2018)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Gilang Sukma Putra Prof. Arief Hartono,
Prof. Syaiful Anwar,
Prof. Kukuh Murtilaksono
A04 Relation of cations and anions in vertical soil solution on typic hapludult in Bukit Duabelas National Park
Hubungan Kation dan Anion dalam Larutan Tanah secara Vertikal pada Typic Hapludult di Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas
Faqihna Pidin Prof. Suria Tarigan B10 Application of MAPDAS model on the study of hydrological characteristics of micro watersheds with dominant palm oil cover, Jambi
Aplikasi Model MAPDAS pada studi karakteristik hidrologi DAS mikro dengan tutupan lahan dominan tanaman sawit, Jambi
M. Azis Dr. Ir. Rosyani C02 Gotong Royong Transformation Of Rural Communities In Jambi Province
Transformasi Gotong Royong Masyarakat Pedesaan Di Provinsi Jambi
Lailatun Najmi Prof. Damayanti Buchori Z02 Identification of curculionid beetle diversity and abundance in Bukit National Park and Harapan Forest, Jambi, Indonesia
Identifikasi, Keanekaragaman dan Kelimpahan Kumbang Curculionidae di Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas dan Hutan Harapan, Jambi
Master studies - Indonesia (2017)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Rukayah Rofic Dr. Ir. Rosyani C02 Treatment patterns of RSPO-certified palm oil companies towards RSPO-certified independent smallholders and non-RSPO-certified independent smallholders: A comparative study in Pulau Pauh Village and Penyabungan Tanjung Jabung Barat Village
Pola perlakuan perusahaan minyak kelapa sawit bersertifikat RSPO terhadap petani swadaya bersertifikat RSPO dan petani swadaya tidak bersertifikat RSPO: Sebuah kajian perbandingan di desa pulau pauh dan desa penyabungan tanjung jabung barat
Faradina Zepaya Dr. Ir. Rosyani C02 Independent Smallholder Strategies To Sustain Rspo Certification: An Oil Palm Smallholder Group Association Tanjung Sehati Merangin Province of Jambi
Strategi Petani Swadaya Untuk Mempertahankan Sertifikasi RSPO: Asosiasi Kelompok Petani Kelapa Sawit Tanjung Sehati Merangin Provinsi Jambi
Rizky Nazarreta Prof. Damayanti Buchori,
Prof. Purnama Hidayat
Z02 Biodiversity and identification of arboreal ants in Harapan rainforest and Bukit Duabelas National Park landscapes, Jambi
Keanekaragaman dan Identifikasi Semut Arboreal di Lanskap Hutan Harapan dan Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas, Jambi
Master studies - Indonesia (2016)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Syamsul Arifin Prof. Arief Hartono,
Prof. Kukuh Murtilaksono,
Prof. Syaiful Anwar
A04 The dynamics of dissolved organic carbon on toposequence and its relationship with soil properties in the Bukit Duabelas National Park
Dinamika Karbon Organik Terlarut pada Toposekuen dan Hubungannya dengan Sifat Tanah di Taman Nasional Bukit Duabelas
Selis Meriem Prof. Triadiati B04 Carbon and nitrogen stocks of different dead wood decay stages in natural and converted tropical lowland forests (Jambi, Indonesia)
Stok Karbon dan Nitrogen pada Tingkat Pelapukan Kayu Mati yang Berbeda di Hutan Alam dan Hutan Konversi Dataran Rendah Tropis (Jambi, Indonesia)
Indah Wahyuni Prof. Sri Tjitrosoedirdjo B06 Distribution of invasive plant species and recommendation for management actions at Bukit Duableas, Jambi, Sumatra
Distribusi Jenis Tumbuhan Invasif dan Rekomendasi Pengelolaannya di Bukit Duabelas, Jambi, Sumatra
Ida Rosita Prof. Sri Wilarso Budi B07 Effectiveness of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in increasing phosphate absorption and growth of leda seeds (Eucalyptus deglupta Blume) in post-mining soil
Efektivitas Fungi Mikoriza Arbuskula dalam Meningkatkan Serapan Fosfat dan Pertumbuhan Bibit Eucalyptus deglupta Blume di Tanah Pasca Tambang
Widrializa Prof. Rahayu Widyastutu B08 The abundance and diversity of collembola at four landuse types in Harapan forest landscape, Jambi
Kelimpahan dan Keanekaragaman Collembola pada Empat Penggunaan Lahan di Lanskap Hutan Harapan Jambi
Joko Warino Prof. Rahayu Widyastutu B08 Diversity and abundance of collembola in oil palm plantation area at Bajubang, Jambi
Keanekaragaman dan Kelimpahan Collembola pada Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit di Kecamatan Bajubang, Jambi
Hidayatuz Zu'Amah Prof. Rahayu Widyastutu B08 The relationship between the density and diversity of collemboal with the soil quality in oil palm plantation at Bajubang Batnaghari Jambi
Hubungan antara Kepadatan dan Keanekaragaman Collembola dengan Kualitas Tanah di Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Rakyat Kecamatan Bajubang Kabupaten Batanghari Jambi
Rosi Fitri Ramadani Prof. Rika Raffiudin B09 The diversity of pollen collected by stingless bee in oil palm and rubber plantation
Keanekaragaman Polen dari Beberapa Spesies Stingless Bee pada Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit dan Karet
Sigit Yusdianto Nunung Nuryartono C04 Food Consumption Pattern of the Poor in Centra Sulawesi Province
Pola Konsumsi Pangan Rumah Tangga Miskin di Provinsi Sulawesi Tengah
Master studies - Indonesia (2015)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Nezharia Nurza Harca Prof. Nisa Rachmania Mubarik B02 Isolation and identification of nitrogen fixing and producing indole acetic acid bacteria from oil palm plantation in Jambi
Isolasi dan Identifikasi Bakteri Penambat Nitrogen dan Penghasil Indole Acetic Acid Dari Tanah Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit, Jambi
Putu Ananta Wijaya Tatang Tiryana B05 Model Spasial Deforestasi Di Provinsi Jambi Periode 1990~2011
Model Spasial Deforestasi Di Provinsi Jambi Periode 1990~2011
Rince Muryunika Prof. Leti Sundawati B11 Management and development strategy of oil palm agroforestry in Jambi Province
Strategi Pengelolaan dan Pengembangan Agroforestri Berbasis Kelapa Sawit di Jambi
Master studies - Indonesia (2014)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Muhammad Nur Kholis Anja Meryandini B02 Characterization Xylanase Streptomyces sp. BO 3.2 and Xyloolisaccharides Production from Tobacco Stalk Xylan
Karakterisasi Xilanase Streptomyces sp. BO 3.2 dan Produksi Xilooligosakarida dari Xilan Tangkai Tembakau
Ariandi Anja Meryandini B02 Production of Mannooligosaccharides from Copra Meal by Mannanase Streptomyces sp. BF 3.1
Produksi Manooligosakarida dari Bungkil Kopra Menggunakan Mananase Streptomyces sp. BF 3.1
Ratna Rubiana Damayanti Buchori B09 The Effect of Habitat Transformation on Diversity and Community Structure of Ants In Jambi
Pengaruh Transformasi Habitat terhadap Keanekaragaman dan Struktur Komunitas Semut di Jambi
Rai Sita Soeryo Adiwibowo C02 Competing Power and Claim Legitimation on Forest Resources: Case of Forest Restoration in Batang Hari District, Jambi Province
Pertarungan Kuasa dan Legitimasi Klaim atas Sumberdaya Hutan: Kasus Hutan Sekitar Restorasi di Kabupaten Batang Hari Provinsi Jambi
Edwin Mahatir C07 Peranan Kelapa Sawit dalam Perekonomian Daerah Provinsi Jambi: Analisis Input-Output Tahun 2000 dan 2010 PDF
Master studies - Indonesia (2013)
Name Counterparts Scientific Project Title File
Vendi Eko Susilo Achmad Farajallah B01 The Diversity of Freshwater Crab (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) in the Regenciesof Batanghari and Sorolangun, Jambi Province
Keanekaragaman Kepiting Air Tawar (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) Di Provinsi Jambi
Lora Purnamasari Achmad Farajallah B01 Diversity of Freshwater Shrimp in Several Habitat, Jambi
Keanekaragaman Udang Air Tawar Pada Berbagai Tipe Habitat Di Provinsi Jambi