EFForTS Discussion Paper Series


  • No. 36 November 2022
    Heinrich Petri, Dienda Hendrawan, Tobias Bähr, Rosyani Asnawi, Oliver Mußhoff, Meike Wollni, Heiko Faust

    The challenges Indonesian oil palm smallholders face when replanting becomes necessary, and how they can be supported – a review
  • No. 35 May 2022
    Karina Brenneis, Edi Edison, Rosyani Asnawi, Meike Wollni

    Environmental concern and pro-environmental behavior among residents in an oil palm cultivating hotspot
  • No. 34 May 2022
    Karina Brenneis, Bambang Irawan, Meike Wollni

    How to promote agricultural technologies that generate positive environmental effects? Evidence on tree planting in Indonesia


  • No. 33 October 2020
    Daniel Chrisendo, Hermanto Siregar and Matin Qaim

    Oil Palm and Structural Transformation of Agriculture in Indonesia
  • No. 32 April 2020
    Arieska Wening Sawosri and Oliver Mußhoff

    Risk and time preferences between rural people in India and Indonesia
  • No. 31 April 2020
    Elias Cisneros, Krisztina Kis-Katos and Nunung Nuryartono

    Palm Oil and the politics of deforestation in Indonesia


  • No. 30 June 2019
    Thomas Kopp, Bernhard Dalheimer, Zulkifli Alamsyah, Mirawati Yanita, Bernhard Brümmer

    Can the Tripartite Rubber Council manipulate international rubber prices?
  • No. 29 May 2019
    Jan Salecker, Claudia Dislich, Kerstin Wiegand, Katrin M. Meyer and Guy Pe’er

    EFForTS-LGraf: A Landscape Generator for Creating Smallholder-Driven Land-Use Mosaics
  • No. 28 May 2019
    Arieska Wening Sarwosri and Oliver Musshoff

    Can crop diversification of perennial crop by smallholder farmers explained by risk attitudes and time preferences?
  • No. 27 May 2019
    Katrin Rudolf, Miriam Romero, Rosyani Asnawi, Bambang Irawan and Meike Wollni

    Effects of information and seedling provision on tree planting and survival in smallholder oil palm plantations
  • No. 26 March 2019
    Christoph Kubitza, Jonida Bou Dib, Thomas Kopp, Vijesh V. Krishna, Nunung Nuryartono, Matin Qaim, Miriam Romero and Stephan Klasen

    Labor savings in agriculture and inequality at different spatial scales: The expansion of oil palm in Indonesia
  • No. 25 March 2019
    Miriam Romero, Meike Wollni, Katrin Rudolf, Rosyani Asnawi and Bambang Irawan

    Promoting sustainable land use choices in Indonesia: experimental evidence on the role of changing mindsets and structural barriers
  • No. 24 February 2019
    Daniel Chrisendo, Vijesh V. Krishna, Hermanto Siregar and Matin Qaim

    Land-use change, nutrition, and gender roles in Indonesian farm households


  • No. 23 July 2018
    Arieska Wening Sarwosri, Johannes Wegmann and Oliver Mußhoff

    Encouraging rainforest preservation by smallholders: an ex-ante policy evaluation
  • No. 22 May 2018
    Christoph Kubitza and Esther Gehrke

    Why does a labor-saving technology decrease fertility rates? Evidence from the oil palm boom in Indonesia
  • No. 21 January 2018
    Jonida Bou Dib, Vijesh Krishna, Zulkifli Alamsyah and Matin Qaim

    Land-use change and livelihoods of non-farm households – The role of income from employment in oil palm and rubber in rural Indonesia


  • No. 20 January 2017
    Zulkifli Alamsyah and Heiko Faust

    Abstracts of EFForTS Discussion Papers No. 1-19 in English and Bahasa Indonesia (2013 - 2016)


  • No. 19 March 2016
    Rivayani Darmawan, Stephan Klasen, and Nunung Nuryartono

    Migration and Deforestation in Indonesia


  • No. 18 August 2015
    Miriam Vorlaufer, Marcela Ibanez, Bambang Juanda & Meike Wollni

    Conservation vs. Equity - Can payments for environmental services achieve both?
  • No. 17 June 2015
    Claudia Dislich et al.

    Towards an integrated ecological-economic land-use change model
  • No. 16 June 2015
    Claudia Dislich et al.

    Ecosystem functions of oil palm plantations - a review
  • No. 15 June 2015
    Elisabeth Hettig, Jann Lay & Kacana Sipangule

    Drivers of households´ land-use decisions - A critical review of micro-level studies in tropical regions
  • No. 14 May 2015
    Stefan Moser & Oliver Mußhoff

    Comparing the use of risk-influencing production inputs and experimentally measured risk attitude: Do decisions of Indonesian small-scale rubber farmers match?
  • No. 13 April 2015
    Vijesh V. Krishna, Michael Euler, Hermanto Siregar, Zakky Fathoni & Matin Qaim

    Farmer heterogeneity and differential livelihood impacts of oil palm expansion among smallholders in Sumatra, Indonesia
  • No. 12 April 2015
    Michael Euler, Vijesh Krishna, Stefan Schwarze, Hermanto Siregar & Matin Qaim

    Oil palm adoption, household welfare and nutrition among smallholder farmers in Indonesia
  • No. 11 April 2015
    Stefan Schwarze et al.

    Rubber vs. oil palm: an analysis of factors influencing smallholders´ crop choice in Jambi, Indonesia
  • No.10 March 2015
    Marcel Gatto, Meike Wollni, Rosyani & Matin Qaim

    Oil Palm Boom, Contract Farming, and Village Development: Evidence from Indonesia
  • No.9 February 2015
    Thomas Kopp & Bernhard Brümmer

    Moving Rubber to a Better Place - and Extracting Rents from Credit Constrained Farmers along the Way
  • No.8 January 2015
    Michael Euler, Stefan Schwarze, Hermanto Siregar & Matin Qaim

    Oil palm expansion among smallholder farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia


  • No.7 September 2014
    Vijesh V. Krishna, Unai Pascual & Matin Qaim

    Do emerging land markets promote forestland appropriation? Evidence from Indonesia
  • No.6 July 2014
    Marcel Gatto, Meike Wollni, Matin Qaim

    Oil palm boom and land-use dynamics in Indonesia: The role of policies and socioeconomic factors
  • No.5 June 2014
    Stefan Moser & Oliver Mußhoff

    A framed field experiment about policy measures: Testing the effectiveness of rewards or punishments with different probabilities as incentives in palm oil production
  • No.4 February 2014
    Brigitta Hauser-Schäublin & Stefanie Steinebach

    Harapan: A "No Man´s Land" turned into a contested agro-industrial zone
  • No.3 January 2014
    Thomas Kopp, Zulkifli Alamsyah, Raja Sharah Fatricia & Bernhard Brümmer

    Have indonesian rubber processors formed a cartel? Analysis of intertemporal marketing margin manipulation


  • No.2 October 2013
    Jonas Hein

    Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), transnational conservation and access to land in Jambi, Indonesia
  • No.1 September 2013
    Heiko Faust et al.

    Assessment of socio-economic functions of tropical lowland transformation systems in Indonesia - sampling framework and methodological approach