Davig has served as a Research Assistant within CRC990/EFForTs since its inception in the inaugural phase in 2013. His initial assignment was developed within the context of landscape management's impact on biological control in the oil palm plantation, under Dr. Fuad Nurdiansyah. Possessing a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Protection, Davig has been entrusted with the role of providing comprehensive support to the local field team in the extensive collection of samples, with a particular focus on insects.

In 2018, supervised by Dr. Kevin Li, Davig assumed a leadership role within the field team, supervising the insect collection in the Biodiversity Enrichment Experiment plots, shedding light on how enrichments influence insect communities and pollinator networks.

During the final phase of the EFForTs project, under the guidance of Dr. Arne Wenzel, Davig supported the stingless bee colony development project, in which hundreds of bee colonies were deployed throughout the landscape and monitored regularly for six months.