Project Outline

Arite Hildebrandt will analyze the diversity of birds in different rainforest transformation systems of the Jambi province. The aim of the fieldwork is, to identify the functional role of birds through the analysis of their diet and trophic position within the 32 core plots of the study area. To quantify ecosystem processes, such as seed-dispersion and pollination, we catch birds in mist nets, identify and ring them. We also gather claw tips and possible pollen load from the individual birds for later isotope analysis. Additionally, we collect their droppings to reveal the composition of their diet. For a non-invasive determination of bird species and their feeding habits, we install several camera traps in front of baiting stations. With these measures, we can assess and compare the impact of birds on plants and animal communities in the rainforest transformation systems and contribute to understand their functionality within the ecosystems.