Meteorological Stations

Collection of essential climate data at each of the core sites and five reference sites: we will install a network of meteorological stations in the province of Jambi which will provide data of relevance for the subprojects. The network included the following stations:

  • 33 small meteo stations: installed in each of the core sites + additional experiment (measurement of Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity)
  • 5 reference meteo stations:
    2 Harapan (Transformation and Forest)
    2 Bukit Duabelas (Transformation and Forest)
    1 University of Jambi
    (measurement of Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature (x2), Relative Humidity (x2), Soil Moisture (x3), Soil Temperature (x3), Rainfall (x2), Radiation Balance, PAR, Air Pressure, Soil Heat Flux)