Meteorological Stations

Collection of essential climate data at each of the core sites and five reference sites: we will install a network of meteorological stations in the province of Jambi which will provide data of relevance for the subprojects. The network included the following stations:

  • 33 small meteo stations:
    installed in each of the core sites + additional experiment (measurement of Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity)
  • 5 reference meteo stations:
    (measurement of Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature (x2), Relative Humidity (x2), Soil Moisture (x3), Soil Temperature (x3), Rainfall (x2), Radiation Balance, PAR, Air Pressure, Soil Heat Flux)
    • 2 Harapan (Transformation and Forest)
    • 2 Bukit Duabelas (Transformation and Forest)
    • 1 University of Jambi