Stud.IP at our university

Stud.IP is the central component of the E-Learning infrastructure at the University of Göttingen for students and lecturers. Stud.IP is the access point for contents and a range of supporting tools for teaching and learning.

There are numerous possibilities to use Stud.IP. A large number of processes are supported that help lecturers as well as students to organize themselves, to communicate and acquire knowledge together. Stud.IP is open for everyone at the University of Göttingen.

In the following, we would like to briefly introduce the three functions that you will absolutely need to provide information to your students and give a hint on how to transfer dates from UniVZ. For more detailed information on how to use Stud.IP, please refer to the web pages and documents listed in the menu on the left.

Open the course whose participants you want to send a message to and click on the "Participants" tab. Click the "Send system message with email forwarding to all attendees" link at the top. A message box will now open. Fill in the subject and message and click submit.
We have created a short video for you on this. (Video in German, Video in English)
You have several possibilities to post information for your students in your Stud.IP course. One of the easiest ways is to create an course announcement.
For this we have also created a short video for you. (Video in German, Video in English)

As the most important communication medium, we recommend sending notification of all changes to dates, web conference rooms, etc. to the participants of the course via Stud.IP (see above).
Appointments are automatically imported from the UniVZ. The schedule is generated from these appointments. To add or change appointments, please contact the UniVZ admin(s) at your institution. You cannot add new appointments directly in Stud.IP, because they are overwritten nightly with the dates from UniVZ.

It would be desirable if the dates are also updated in the course catalog in UniVZ. However, in the current situation, this will not succeed immediately in all cases.

Therefore, the student representatives have requested that you inform your students about all deviations and changes in the course description, dates and venues (e.g. the virtual conference room) via the methods described above in Stud.IP.

With these options, communication with students should be easy, even in these "contactless" times. Should you still encounter problems, you are welcome to contact your local administrators or our central support at