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Are you interested in Sustainable Accounting, Finance, and Tax (SAFT) and want to know how companies can operate sustainably? Then our Master's programme in Finance, Accounting and Taxes is right for you. It prepares you for responsible positions in management, consulting, controlling or auditing.



Summer and winter semester


4 semesters


Top ratings in general study situation


Limited admission (application to the faculty)




120 Credits


Businesses and society will only be able to meet the challenges associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals if the information needed for sustainable management is made available. This involves not only the economic, but also the ecological and social dimensions of sustainability. In our master's programme, we combine finance and sustainability and prepare you for responsible jobs in accounting, controlling, taxation, finance, auditing or management.

  • Basic modules: Understanding companies holistically

    The basic modules in the first and second semesters teach you key competences in these areas:

    • Financial and sustainability controlling: Learn how controlling as a "business partner" for the management plays an essential role in the achievement of economic, social and ecological goals of companies, taking into account the effects throughout the value chain.

    • International accounting: Learn what information is relevant for international investors and how to prepare it in a way that is useful for decision-making.

    • Sustainable finance: Learn to consider the fundamental issues of corporate finance from the perspective of sustainable management and get to know methods to integrate sustainability into financial decisions.

    • Corporate taxation: Learn methods for determining tax burdens and study the decision-making effects of taxes for companies and society.

    24 Credits

  • Area of specialisation: Creating your own profile

    Do you want to become a specialist in sustainable management? The modules in the specialisation area give you the opportunity to acquire in-depth competences according to your individual interests and to give yourself your own individual profile. All modules build on the basic modules and can be freely combined.

    30 Credits

  • Seminar: Rethinking sustainable management

    Seminars offer you the opportunity to develop approaches to solving entrepreneurial problems, to exchange ideas and to critically examine current developments. We deal with the following topics (among others): Sustainable investing, greenwashing, ESG reporting, sustainability of the financial system, sustainability-oriented key figures and indicator systems, environmental cost accounting systems and CO2 accounting, sustainability-oriented incentive systems, business ethics, taxation of companies, tax steering mechanisms and decision effects of sustainable tax policy.

    6 Credits

  • Method area: Learning to think analytically

    This area focuses entirely on your methodological skills. Data analysis is a crucial competence for a career in science and practice. For example, how do you create forecasts, how do you determine the cost of capital or the value of a company, how do you recognise sustainable companies and how are simulations carried out? These and other questions can only be answered with sound data analysis.

    You will acquire comprehensive methodological skills for identifying problem areas, analysing data and developing solutions.

    6 Credits

  • Electives: Room for more

    In the elective area, you have the opportunity to think outside the box. Discover the University of Göttingen in the diversity of its faculties. Choose freely from our range of courses or study interdisciplinary. Or would you rather improve your language skills? Modules from the University's language offerings are also open to you. Do you also like to apply your knowledge practically? Then why not bring in an internship.

    24 Credits

  • Master's thesis: Solving research questions

    The Master's thesis is the starting point for your career. Use your skills to solve relevant problems for companies and society. Use it to advance sustainable business.

    30 Credits

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  • SAFT - Managing companies sustainably

  • Career planning

  • Critical skills

  • Double degree

Sustainable management requires the comprehensive integration of sustainability into the fields of accounting, finance and taxation. In our master's programme we prepare you excellently for the major challenges in business and society and enable you to help shaping the future.

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During your studies, you will develop your personality and ways of thinking and may find new interests. Our master's programme gives you the flexibility to adapt your studies to your personal development. Set yourself apart from the crowd by specialising in finance, accounting or taxation and the consistent link to sustainability. Deepen and enrich your individual major through additional, freely selectable modules in the elective area - our master's programme gives you maximum freedom of choice.

Zwei Studierende, ein Mann und eine Frau, sitzen am Schalter der Studienberatung und werden von einer Frau beraten.

When it comes to the topics of finance, accounting and taxation, the actuality of the teaching content is crucial, as regulations, for example, are constantly changing and evolving. Taxonomies and sustainability reportings are also a field that is becoming increasingly important and growing rapidly. With us, you will acquire cutting-edge skills in national and international regulation content. We also place a special focus on developing your methodological, personal and social skills to enable you to make responsible decisions.

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One degree, two degrees from renowned universities, an international study environment and intercultural skills - this is what the Double Degree Programme with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Ghent in Belgium offers you. In four semesters, you can earn the degree "MSc in Finance, Accounting and Taxes" at the University of Göttingen and, in parallel, the degree "MSc in Business Economics" (focus on Corporate Finance or Accountancy) at the University of Ghent.

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  • Porträtfoto von Bastian Wittig. Er trägt ein dunkles Sakko und ein weißes Hemd.

    "The theoretical content I learned in my Master's degree is the basis for understanding how companies and their processes work. Especially the knowledge in accounting helps me to classify and evaluate accounting processes. I am also glad that I was able to take courses in digitalisation at the Faculty of Business and Economics. These help me enormously in my everyday professional life to deal with the implementation of digital technologies."

    Bastian Wittig,

    IT consultant in the accounting department at Salzgitter Business Service GmbH

  • Porträtfoto von Caroline Tammer. Sie trägt einen schwarzen Blazer, ein rotes T-Shirt und Jeans.

    "Göttingen is a real student city with lots of cafés, bars and young people. That was particularly important to me. With the Master's programme in Finance, Accounting and Taxes, you have a wide range of career opportunities. I'm currently writing my Master's thesis and after that I'll go into auditing. I'm really looking forward to that."

    Caroline Tammer,

    Master's programme in Finance, Accounting and Taxes

  • Porträtfoto von Christian Hundeshagen. Er trägt ein schwarzes Sakko mit weißem Hemd und blauer Krawatte.

    "During my studies, I not only acquired important knowledge and skills in the field of business taxation, but also in the subjects of accounting and auditing, financial controlling as well as commercial, business and corporate law, which are still absolutely relevant to practice today."

    Dr. Christian Hundeshagen,

    StB, Partner at Linklaters LLP

How to apply

How to apply

Three simple steps to apply to the faculty

  • 1.

    Complete the online application form in full during the application period and send it to us via the send button at the end of the form.

  • 2.

    You will receive access data to the upload portal for your documents via email. Go through the attached checklist and upload the documents.

  • 3.

    You will receive a reply to your application by email approximately six weeks after the application deadline.

Apply now!

We accompany you through your studies

Your teaching team (selection)

  • Portrait photo of Stefan Dierkes. He wears a blue jacket and a white shirt.
    Finance and Control
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Dierkes

    “I have an incredible amount of fun diving into the depths of the world of finance and controlling with the students. The students are invited to actively participate in the teaching so that the content is deeply understood and critically reflected upon. I also find the integration of business practice super, for example in the form of discussion rounds or seminars conducted in cooperation with companies.“

  • Portrait photo of Olaf Korn. He is wearing a blue jacket and a light blue shirt.
    Prof. Dr. Olaf Korn

    "Finance is not about rich people getting richer. Rather, a good understanding of corporate finance is a key element in really making the transformation to a sustainable economy with sustainable businesses. That's what I want to work on with you."

  • Portrait photo of Andreas Oestreicher. He is wearing a dark blue jacket and a light blue shirt.
    Business taxation
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Oestreicher

    "My goal is to convey the professional and methodological foundations for a successful career in practice or academia. I want to arouse curiosity and enthusiasm in students for the interrelationships of business and taxation and look forward to interested young people who want to take on the challenges of their studies and learn."

  • Portrait photo of Benedikt Downar. He is wearing a dark blue jacket and a white shirt.
    EY Endowed Chair of Financial Governance
    Prof. Dr. Benedikt Downar

    "What information do investors and management need to make sustainable decisions? How can the sustainability performance of companies be presented transparently? We want to enable students to understand both financial and sustainability information, to critically question it and to be able to analyse it in the overall context".

Do you have any questions?

Are you wondering whether a study programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics is right for you or do you have questions about the course of studies, placement in a higher semester or recognition of academic achievements? During our office hours, we advise you on site at the Oeconomicum, digitally via BBB and by telephone without prior registration.

Student Advisory Office

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Portrait photo of the student advisory service. From left: Dorothee Konings wears a turquoise blouse, Dennie Oertel wears a dark blue checked jacket and a white shirt and Anja Schöfer wears a black blazer and a white blouse.