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Redevelop marketing and

distribution concepts

Today, marketing and distribution as well as information supply and communication have to be conceived and realized in an integrated way in markets with a complex and mostly international competitive environment. Research and teaching in Göttingen are oriented towards this: The Master's programme in Marketing and E-Business takes on the task of familiarizing you with this new perspective in theory and practice.

Master programme in Marketing and E-Business


Winter and summer semester


4 semesters




120 Credits

Closure of the Master's programme in Marketing and E-Business

The Master’s programme in Marketing and E-Business (MSc) has been closed for the winter semester 2023/2024. Application to this degree programme is no longer possible. Students already enrolled will be allowed to complete the programme by the end of the winter semester 2025/2026.

If you would like to do your master's programme in this field, the degree in Management would be an alternative for you.

This is what you can expect during your studies

Today's markets require that marketing and the flow of information are integrated and executed taking into account a complex and competitive globalized system. The objective of the Master's programme in Marketing and E-Business is to familiarize students with this global perspective in both theory and practice. Characteristic of this approach is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary view of marketing, distribution concepts, and information systems. Subject-specific knowledge and methodical knowledge acquired in previous courses of study are deepened and extended.

  • Programme Structure

    The Master's programme in Marketing and E-Business is designed for four semesters, during which a total of 120 credits must be earned. It is divided into the course phase (1st to 3rd semesters) and the master's thesis (4th semester). In this master's programme, students deepen their knowledge in the business subjects of marketing, distribution and business informatics. There are wide-ranging opportunities to tailor your studies to your own interests. The 120 credits required to pass the master's examination are acquired through compulsory, compulsory elective and elective modules as well as the Master's thesis:

    1. Optional compulsory section "basic modules" (24 credits)

    2. Optional compulsory section "seminar" (6 credits)

    3. Optional compulsory section "quantitative methods" (6 credits)

    4. Compulsory section "synergy module" (6 credits)

    5. Compulsory section "project seminar" (18 credits)

    6. Electives (30 credits)

    7. Master's thesis (30 credits)

    You can find an overview of the according areas and the modules that can be taken (incl. additional courses) here (summer semester 2024; in German).

  • Study abroad

    The Faculty of Business and Economics offers you many opportunities to study one or two semesters at an international partner university. There are three different programmes, each with different partner universities and application deadlines:

    • Erasmus+: You will study at one of the more than 60 partner universities of the Faculty in other European countries (only students of the Faculty of Business and Economics can apply for these programmes).

    • Worldwide faculty programmes: You will study at one of the numerous partner universities of the Faculty of Business and Economics abroad, e.g. in the USA, Latin America, South Africa, Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand (only students of the Faculty of Business and Economics can apply for these programmes).

    • Worldwide university programmes: You study at a partner university of the University of Göttingen, e.g. in Australia, India, the USA, Canada or China (all students of the University can apply for these programmes).

    If you go abroad within the framework of one of the above-mentioned programmes, you usually do not have to pay tuition fees for studying at a foreign partner university (the University of Mississippi charges reduced tuition fees).

    Read more:

  • Internship

    In order to apply the acquired knowledge in the business world, to gain first work experience or to get to know possible relevant professional fields - the Faculty of Business and Economics welcomes students to gain practical experience during their studies. Therefore, you have the possibility to have a voluntary internship in the elective area of your studies credited under certain conditions. You can find detailed information here.

    Job portal of the University of Göttingen
    with external job offers (in German).

  • Career perspectives

    Our Master's graduates have good opportunities for challenging positions in nationally and internationally operating companies. The individual design of the programme, in which advanced economic core competencies are deepened in an application-oriented manner, enables students to acquire market-oriented qualifications that are of great importance in the business world. This enables our graduates to design supply chain management concepts in industry and trade, to further develop distribution lines, to implement multi-channel marketing and market-oriented management information systems, and later to attain management positions in these areas. The degree is also an excellent starting point for doctoral studies at universities in Germany and abroad. Furthermore, it qualifies for a job in renowned research institutes.

  • Study plan

What our alumni say about studying in Göttingen

  • Portrait photo of Rébecca Claude. She is wearing an orange blouse and a black blazer.

    "Thanks to the wide range of elective modules, studying at the University of Göttingen has given me the opportunity to develop my own individual profile. The problem-solving skills trained in the programme are very helpful for practical work and for opening up new fields of activity."

    Rébecca Claude,

    Marketing and Public Relations Officer, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG)/Department of Transfusion Medicine as well as self-employed moderator, speaker and spokesperson.

  • Portrait photo of Dilara Karakaya. She is wearing a dark gray T-shirt.

    "You will learn the most important concepts and methods and gain a deep understanding of marketing. You'll also have the opportunity to get practical experience through projects and research. In addition, you have an excellent academic environment that encourages and inspires you. You have access to a broad network of faculties, researchers and alumni who will support you in your career development."

    Dilara Karakaya,

    social media and community manager, Trade Republic

We accompany you through your studies

Your teaching team (selection)

  • Portrait photo of Waldemar Toporowski. He wears a black jacket and a white shirt.
    Marketing and Retail Management
    Prof. Dr. Waldemar Toporowski

    “I want to make clear that the value of studying is not the accumulation of existing knowledge. Rather, it is about acquiring the skills to systematically question these findings, to formulate and justify the possible doubts and to find ways to confirm or dispel them.“

  • Portrait photo of Maik Hammerschmidt. He wears a red and white striped shirt.
    Marketing und Innovation Management
    Prof. Dr. Maik Hammerschmidt

    “I consider myself an edutainer because first-class teaching these days goes far beyond just imparting knowledge and should also be fun."

  • Portrait photo of Yasemin Boztuğ. She wears a grey blazer and a white blouse.
    Marketing and Consumer Behavior
    Prof. Dr. Yasemin Boztuğ

    "I enjoy working with the students in an open exchange about the teaching content. An intensive discussion of current topics is particularly exciting."

  • Portrait photo of Matthias Schumann. He wears a dark blue jacket and a light blue shirt.
    Application Systems and E-Business
    Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann

    “I am motivated by teaching students the many different approaches to solving problems and how modern IT can improve business processes and support decision-making. It is particularly inspiring to develop and discuss solutions with students.“

Do you have any questions?

Are you wondering whether a study programme at the Faculty of Business and Economics is right for you or do you have questions about the course of studies, placement in a higher semester or recognition of academic achievements? During our office hours, we advise you on site at the Oeconomicum, digitally via BBB and by telephone without prior registration.

Student Advisory Office

+49 551 39-28800 service-center.wiwi.uni-goettingen.de

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Portrait photo of the student advisory service. From left: Dorothee Konings wears a turquoise blouse, Dennie Oertel wears a dark blue checked jacket and a white shirt and Anja Schöfer wears a black blazer and a white blouse.