Nadine Schröter
Oeconomicum, room 1.114
Tel.: +49 (0)551/39-25126
Dr. Britta Szidzik
Oeconomicum, room 1.114
Tel.: +49 (0)551/39-7197 or -25126

Vom 16.12.2019 - 07.01.2020 entfallen die Sprechstunde von Frau Schröter.
Bis zum 19.12.2019 können sich sich bei Fragen gerne an Frau Dr. Szidzik wenden.
Die Sprechstunden von Frau Dr. Szidzik entfallen vom 20.12.2019 - 03.01.2020.

Information for prospective students

With the information platform for prospective students (IPS) you can inform yourself about the different courses of study at our faculty before starting your studies. Based on typical problems and questions of the offered areas of studies you can get an insight into the questions he different subjects in Göttingen are concerned with. Short video clips offer additional insights into studying in general and studying in Göttingen in particular.

Do you want to know what exactly a lecture, a seminar or a regular day at the university is like? The trial study program offers the opportunity to get an insight into what studying is all about.

What should you study? Göttingen University offers many options to evaluate your expectations and ideas concerning a course of studies or even participate temporarily. More information is available here.

Prerequisite for an acceptance at university is the proof of a qualification that entitles one to go to university. This proof of qualification can be acquired via different vocational paths, formal education and/or non-formal education.
If you have a qualification for a higher entrance qualification you can either register for a course of study with open admission or you can apply for an admission-restricted course of studies.
If you have received a general university entrance qualification via formal education or via a vocational qualification, or if you have received the qualification via a subject-related entrance qualification there is more information available here.

The orientation week offers the most important introduction into the upcoming course of studies: You are supported in creating a class schedule and you will receive all the basic information necessary for a successful start of your studies. Furthermore, you will have the chance to meet professors, scientific research assistants and other students. You will also get a first impression of your student life in Göttingen and life in Göttingen in general.

Information for students

All required information concerning changing degree programs or switching universities can be acquired here.

Please contact Dr. Britta Szidzik if you want to change your core area of studies..

The information platform for students (IPS) offers an interactive tool which can be adjusted to individual needs and combines all relevant systems and platforms (such as FlexNow, StudIP, UniVZ) to help you plan your semester and your entire course of study.

Students studying in their 3rd semester or above please contact Annegret Schallmann with questions concerning formal requirements, structure, content and/or graduation requirements.

  • Central Student Advisory Service.Here you will be redirected to the central, interdisciplinary advisory service.
  • Subject-specific Study Advisory Service. The study advisors will counsel you concerning subject-specific questions during the course of your studies. Please also contact the subject-specific counselors with questions concerning the recognition of previous academic performances.
  • Examination Office. The staff at the examination office helps you with questions concerning examination regulations, formal requirements, previous academic performances and problems with FlexNow.