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> BREAKING: Peter-Haasen-Prize awarded to two IMP members (!)
> Master F-Praktikum (Advanced Lab Course, Modules M.Phy.1401/1402)
> Bachelorarbeit 2022 Preparation of atom probe samples at a grain boundary (PDF)
> Bachelorarbeit 2022 Hydrogen Charging (PDF)
> Bachelorarbeit 2022 Fracture surface (PDF)
> Bachelorarbeit 2022 Influence of high magnetic flux densities on the texture of Fe and Ni thin films (PDF)
> Neue Themen für Masterarbeiten AG Jooß 2022 (PDF)
> LAB-TOUR von der Materialphysik
> IMP Seminar & Events
> SFB 1073: Atomic Scale Control of Energy Conversion
> CLUE - Electron Microscopy

TEM video showing atomic-scale dynamics at a perovskite surface in contact with water (Mierwaldt/Roddatis/Jooss).

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