Museum partners

Deutsches Medizinhistorisches Museum, Ingolstadt
The “exhibition value” of human remains. Exhibitions as actors in (medical)-ethical discourse

Gustavianum, Uppsala Universitetsmuseum/ Uppsala University Museum
The “Viking” Myth – Conceptual design and retroactive effect on museum exhibition practices

Hamburger Kunsthalle
Exhibiting Romanticism(s). An entangled history of the bicentennial exhibitions on the occasion of Caspar David Friedrich’s 200th anniversary in the 1970s

Wien Museum
The perspective of migration in the exhibition complex. About narrowing, breaks and economic cycles in the knowledge regime of the migration society.

Research Center for Material Culture, Leiden
Exhibiting colonial heritage: Post(-)colonial exhibition practices in German port cities since the 1970s

Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich
Knowledge Production in Ethnographic Exhibitions in German-Speaking Countries, 1970-1990

Zentrale Kustodie Göttingen
Academic knowledge on display. A study on historical and recent exhibitions of university collections

ŻIH - Żydowski Instytut Historyczny (JHI Jewish Historical Institute)
Remembering, feeling, mourning – The production of knowledge in exhibitions covering World War II at the sites of the crimes

Historisches Museum Frankfurt
Migration in exhibitions. Bottlenecks, fissures and boom cycles in the knowledge regime of Germany’s “migration society”

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe