Information for perspective OUTGOING students

1. General guideline

Information in this section will give you a good overview of the ERASMUS+ program.

1.1. University ERASMUS+ website (e.g. credits, financial supports etc.)

1.2. Study abroad

1.3. Information for ERASMUS+ application (PDF)

1.4. Procedures and important documents (PDF)

1.5. Additonal useful websites: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), ERASMUS+ student Network

1.6. U4 Network

2. Before application (Deadline Jan. 31st each year)

Information in this section will help you to prepare your application at GEMI.

2.1. List of current partner universities (names, seats, maximum stay), list of required language levels

2.2. Field reports of previous students (German)

2.3. Presentation of ERASMUS+ information meeting (see downloads)

2.4. Application documents (see 1.4)

3. Important steps before leaving

After your application is accepted by GEMI, you would need

3.1. Fill in nomination form of our university

3.2. Be contacted individually by the host university for application

3.3. Prepare learning agreement

4. Important steps after returning

4.1. Hand in documents ("Completeness of Documents" checklist, PDF)

4.2. Fill in an online-report (you will receive a link after completing the mobility)

4.3. Write field report (see 2.2 for examples)

5. Other helpful links