B06 - Taxonomic, functional, phylogenetic, and biogeographical diversity of vascular plants in rainforest transformation systems on Sumatra (Indonesia)

We investigate changes in plant diversity from local to landscape scales. After having focuses mostly on taxonomic alpha and beta diversity so far, in Phase 3 we will analyse the phylogenetic and functional dimensions of diversity and their interrelatedness. Combining species diversity with the functional and phylogenetic dimensions will allow us to quantify losses in ecological functions in direct comparison with species loss. We will furthermore evaluate patterns of gamma diversity and their drivers by contributing to the Landscape Assessment and lead a cross-taxon synthesis project evaluating the effect of tropical land-use change on major clades in the tree of life. Extended Summary

Trennblatt B06 a NEU B770
The B06 team investigates plant phylogenetic and functional diversity using a variety of field an laboratory methods in Jambi, Bogor, and Göttingen.

Trennblatt B06 b NEU B770
Land-use change in Jambi leads to a strong decrease of understorey phylogenetic diversity (top) and species richness (bottom right), as well as tree species richness (bottom left).