Campus planning

The University Construction Management Division (GM 1) takes over the role of the owner concerning all new building projects and modification projects of the Georg-August-University Göttingen.
It manages and controls projects over the complete range of technical disciplines: architecture, civil engineering, supply engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and laboratory technology.

The European hamster was once a common inhabitant of our fields in the productive Bördeland landscapes and was even considered a pest because it eats cereals and other crops. However, it is now worldwide classified as "threatened with extinction" on the new IUCN International Red List of Threatened Species. However, there are still specimens to be found on the Nordcampus, you can read more about it here.

Flower strips are planted at the ZHG behind the Juridicum, at the ZESS and in front of the University Medical Center.


Contact - Green Office

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Sustainability Coordinator

Marco Lange, Coordinator of the Green Office
Phone: 0551 39-21356


Anuschka Linner, Student of International Economics

Katja Stieger, Student of Physics

Tabea Kothe, Student of Resource analysis and management

Felix Heller, Student of Ethnology
E-Mail: felix.heller@zvw.uni-goettingen