Iham has served as a research assistant in the CRC990/EFForTs since 2014. His initial responsibilities have included providing crucial support for the exclusion experiment within oil palm plantations, as well as within the core plots that represent key land uses in the Jambi Province. Since 2016, under supervision of Dr. Kevin Darras, Iham has taken on the role of coordinating the comprehensive acoustic and ultrasound recording initiative across landuses, concurrently assuming the position of manager for the SoundEFForTs EcoAcoustic project. Within the Landscape Assessment framework, under supervision of Dr. Arne Wenzel, Iham was specifically entrusted with overseeing the acoustic and ultrasound recording campaign, while also lending valuable support to other sampling endeavors, including surveys related to predatory rates, mosquito diversity, and the development of stingless bees.

Sampling Flying Bats Thermal and Near-Infrared Imaging and Ultrasound Recordings