Leaf Gas Exchange Measurement Under Land Use Changes in Jambi, Indonesia

Characterization of rubber and oil palm plants with respect to photosynthesis and leaf-gas exchange between plants and atmosphere. Understanding the photosynthesis capacity in oil palm, rubber plantation, and their counterpart plants in tropical forest to understand the mechanism of response. Data also will be collected to capture the difference of photosynthesis capacity in a wide range of species (different land-use), leaf canopy position (sun/shaded leaf), soil fertility (fertilization treatment), plant age class, and nutrient status to increase the generality of our analyses. Photosynthetic parameters will be measured by using LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System (Li-COR Inc., Lincoln, NE, USA). The parameters will be derived from analysis of assimilation rate vs internal CO¬2 concentration curves (A-Ci curve). Following the leaf gas exchange measurement, the leaf taken as sample will be detached and stored in a tagged dry bag. Hereafter, the bags will be brought to laboratory in Jambi University for nutrient content measurement. Collected data will be analyzed using R-Studio.