C10 - Coherent x-ray imaging of cells with femtosecond x-ray pulses

Coherent x-ray imaging of cells with femtosecond x-ray pulses
The aim of this project is the label-free imaging of cells at high resolution and high throughput. To reach this goal partial-coherent synchrotron radiation and free electron laser (FEL) pulses will be employed. We will develop microfluidic devices, which guarantee a highly controlled sample environment to bring the sample into the x-ray beam. The combination of different contrast methods and adapted data analysis will lead to a wealth of relevant information about the studied systems.

Members of this project:

Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster
Prof. Dr. Tim Salditt
MSc. Malte Vaßholz
MSc. Chiara Cassini

Associated members of this project:


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