Z02 - Central Scientific Service Project

The Central Scientific Service Project Z02 aims at providing support to the scientific projects of the EFForTS research consortium. Z02 will provide meteorological data and biodiversity data on arboreal arthropods for all of the EFForTS core plots. New in Phase 3, Z02 will generate spatial products, such as land use and land cover change and forest stand parameters, based on remote sensing data at different spatial levels (plot, region, landscape). Further, Z02 will act as a focal point for Convention of Biodiversity (CBD) related issues, e.g. in terms of handling of species and Access-and-Benefit-Sharing measures. Extended Summary

Trennblatt Z02/WP1 B600
WP1: Meteorological Data
left: Field team with Dr. Christian Stiegler (2nd right) at a reference climate station
right: Field assistants installing a climate station in EFForTS research plots

Trennblatt Z02_Lidar_B600
WP2: Remote Sensing
left: Spatial modelling of vegetation structure from LiDAR & Hyperspectral airborne data
right: Scaling-up of ecological and socio-economic functions using remote sensing

WP3: Arboreal Biodiversity
left: Dr. Jochen Drescher fogging rubber canopy
right: Team of students with Dr. Purnama Hidayat (mid left) and Prof. Dr. Damayanti Buchori (mid right) at Bogor Agricultural University, IPB