Z02 - Central Scientific Service Project

The success of the international and interdisciplinary research of the proposed Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) depends to a significant degree on efficient project support. There will be an unusually high demand for support from scientific projects with respect to the organization and collection of background data on biota and climate, and this will be met by Central Scientific Service Project. The project will focus on four major topics:
(WP1) Collection of essential climate data at each of the core sites including temperature and moisture at different levels in and above the ground.
(WP2) Establish a barcoding system for vascular plants of the study sites to support species identification and to assign fine roots to species.
(WP3) Helping in organizing the identification of species and implementing the sampling, identification and monitoring of tree arthropod communities.
(WP4) Functioning as focal point and interface for collaboration with collections in Indonesia, in particular the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI), and museums all over the world; support will be provided on issues related to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) ensuring that CRC scientists are familiar with the principles of the CBD including the Access and Benefit Sharing system, and conduct their research accordingly. In a program focusing on investigating the full diversity of a tropical rainforest region, support in biodiversity issues is mandatory to ensure that the expected hyper diverse animals, plants and microorganisms receive adequate attention, are stored and archived properly, and are handled in compliance with Indonesian and international regulations. Z02 is expected to form a long-term focus on biodiversity monitoring of tropical regions and ensure that collections and results of the CRC saved for future use.