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I have a problem or a question. Whom can I contact for advice?

Are there any other advisory and information services for students?

Where do I find current news of the Institute of Computer Science and its student advisory service?

What should I do if I am pregnant?

I have experienced discrimination at the University. How can I get help?

I am a trans* student. Which counseling and support does the University offer?

Application/registration for MSc programme

How can I apply for the MSc programme Applied Computer Science?

Which regulations for admission do apply?

When is the application deadline?

Where do I find more information about studying in Göttingen?

Do you offer any eligibility check?

When and how will I be notified about admission (or rejection)?

What do I have to do after my admission?

I am a refugee. Can I study Applied Computer Science?

Where do I find a study plan?

Structure of MSc programme

How do the studies in the MSc programme work?

What is the amount of credit points I should collect each semester?

Which courses should I take in the first semester?

Is there any introductory course for new MSc students?

How and when should I decide for a specialization?

Why do I need a study plan and how can I create it?

How can I change the specialization?

Is there any opportunity to get to know the research groups of the institute of Computer Science?

How do I find a research project and/or a supervisor for my Master thesis?

I would like to write my Master thesis. What are the next steps?

Teaching/learning management

Where do I find a description of modules and courses?

What is eCampus, Stud.IP, FlexNow, and UniVZ?

When do the courses start?

How do I learn best for exams?


Which regulations do apply for the MSc programme?

How can I register for examinations?

Are there any prerequisites for examinations that I have fulfil?

Where do I get more information regarding examinations for a specific lecture?

International students/studying abroad

Where do I find more information for international students?

I would like to study in Göttingen as an exchange student. Where do I find more information about studying and living in Göttingen?

How can I spend some time of my studies abroad?

Language courses

Are there any foreign language courses?

Are there any German courses?

Can I achieve (language) certificates and are there any certificate programmes?

General information

What can I do in case of an emergency?

After my studies

How can I get business contacts, perform knowledge transfer, or open a Start-up?