DFG Mythos-Forschungsgruppe 2064 STRATA

Stratification Analyses of Mythic Narrative Materials and Texts in Ancient Cultures

“New research design for ancient myths: The research group “Stratification Analyses of Mythic Narrative Materials and Texts in Ancient Cultures” aims to develop a framework theory for the systematic and comparative re-examination of ancient myths. The work of the interdisciplinary research network is based on the finding that myths do not comprise a single text with a single narrative intention, but that the Erzählstoffe, which are thousands of years old, are “layered stories”. Inhomogeneities, incompatibilities and inconsistencies indicate the complex process of passing on a myth, which was changed again and again over time due to different interests, circumstances and interpretations. The individual layers of the Erzählstoff, called strata, are to be made tangible in their complexity for the first time through stratification analysis.” (From the press release of the DFG No. 50, 01 October 2015)

While the research of ancient myths has focused mainly on Greek and Roman sources, the research group STRATA broadens the material base regarding time, region, topics and genre by incorporating the earliest, Ancient Near Eastern as well as the later, Jewish-Christian ancient worlds. The practical steps will be technically supported by a scientific database, which will be built in cooperation of the research group and informatics.


Academy Prize from the Academy of Sciences and Literature of Mainz for Annette Zgoll and Christian Zgoll

Annette Zgoll and Christian Zgoll received the Peregrinus Foundation Award:
The Academy of Sciences and Literature of Mainz (Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz) has awarded Annette Zgoll and Christian Zgoll from the University of Göttingen the Peregrinus Foundation Award for their pivotal achievements in Ancient Near Eastern and Greek Mythological Research.
According to the jury's statement, the couple's joint and individual research has resulted in numerous influential publications on ancient Near Eastern and Greek mythology and comparative myth analysis, such as Christian Zgoll's seminal work "Tractatus Mythologicus" and Annette Zgoll's new findings on Innana myths, not least in the "Mythological Studies" series published by both of them as part of the DFG research group STRATA. In a network extending far beyond the University of Göttingen, the research couple have thus initiated a new phase of co-operative mythological research, in which fundamental narrative traditions, some of which are still effective today, are explored in a new enlightening way.
The research of Annette Zgoll and Christian Zgoll has benefited a lot from the collaboration with the interdisciplinary think tank Collegium Mythologicum, co-founded by them and Daliah Bawanypeck, Gösta Gabriel, and Brit Kärger.
Further information about the research results and projects of Annette Zgoll and Christian Zgoll awarded by the Academy of Sciences and Literature of Mainz is available in the Press release of the University of Göttingen No. 174 – 17.11.2023 (in German).