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Refugees Welcome!

The University of Göttingen prides itself on being a cosmopolitan, open-minded institution of higher education. Outstanding science thrives on diversity and international exchange. Our University currently works collaboratively with institutions of higher education in 116 countries. At present, at total of 3,380 international students are engaged in teaching, academia and research at the University of Göttingen; this accounts for over 12 percent of our students. Eighteen percent of our academic staff hails from abroad.

"Refugees" Task Force
The "Refugees" Task Force was established as an initiative in reaction to the diverse group of refugees arriving in Göttingen. It is designed to provide a forum for sharing information about all activities revolving around the subject of refugee integration and meets at irregular intervals. More ...

Universities for openness, tolerance and against xenophobia
Without international exchange, without students, doctoral candidates, scholars, academics and scientists from all over the world, the University would not only be less successful and the city of Göttingen would be less rich in diversity, but they would also be economically less prosperous as well. That is only one reason why we are work together with the city, our affiliates on the Göttingen Campus and many other initiatives to practice a welcoming culture in our everyday lives by showing cosmopolitanism, world-openness and tolerance and are evolving constantly. More ...