Scholarships and Funding for International Students

The University of Göttingen awards partial scholarships as part of a private-public partnership. All students enrolled at the University (except doctoral students), can apply for the Deutschschlandstipendium and Niedersachsenstipendien.

The largest and most important provider of scholarships for international students is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In addition to its own programmes, it also offers scholarship programmes in cooperation with local partners and agencies. As a rule, scholarships are performance-oriented, but providers will also consider applicants' voluntary activities. It is usually easier to prove one's own achievements and commitment after one has already studied for some time.

With the enrolment in your study programme, you will become eligible to apply for scholarships. Many organisations provide "liason lecturers" (Vertrauensdozenten) as contact persons for student applicants seeking funding opportunities.

The following list does not include all funding providers. There are still many private donors and smaller organisations, which have not been included. Most donors in this list only grant scholarships to international students who are enrolled in postgraduate programmes.

In addition to scholarships, one time or short term grants and subsidies are also available. There grants must be applied for in advance and can be used to finance research projects or conference participation, such as:

Through funding provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the bursary and financial assistance committee (STIBA) awards partial scholarships to international students. They are intended for students who have financed most their studies on their own and are about to complete their studies at the time of application. Bursaries provide financial assistance without completely covering all living expenses.

If you are applying to a doctoral programme, please contact the graduate schools for further information on the different funding schemes for your subject/programme.

Most students use several sources of income to finance their studies. For many students in Germany it's quite normal to work part-time while studying. In addition to savings and financial support through parents and families, part-time work is also also an option: for many students in Germany it is normal to work part-time while studying. International students from non-EU/EEA countries are allowed to work 240 half days (or 120 full days) per year. Many students work as student or research assistants, others in cafés and restaurants or at trade fairs. If you plan on financing your studies by working part-time, it is essential that you speak German. Speaking the language is often a precondition for successfully finding a part-time job.


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