Inclusive Study?!

Barriers exist in studies that can make it difficult for students to achieve their academic goals. With its diversity strategy, the University of Göttingen pursues the goal of offering students equal opportunities and protection against discrimination.

Do you need to flexibly organise your studies due to a disability or a chronic illness, or because you have to look after children or care for relatives?

You can find central information and counselling services on the topic of "barrier-free studying" here.

If you need advice due to care responsibilities, e.g. caring for relatives or children, you can find information here.

On the homepage of our faculty’s Equal Opportunities Office you will find further counselling and support services and topics related to the compatibility of studies, career and family, in cases of sexualised violence, mobbing and harassment, as well as questions on equal opportunities and funding opportunities.

    Compensations for disadvantages are intended to compensate for existing barriers, e.g. disadvantageous (examination) conditions in studies, individually and in relation to the situation. If you can prove that you have a disability or chronic illness or are responsible for bringing up or caring for children, you have a legal right to compensation for disadvantages in your studies.

    For example, you can apply for the following measures:
  • Extending the deadline for the completion of examinations
  • Allowance for personnel or technical support
  • Substitution of an examination by another examination of the same level (e.g. oral instead of written)
  • Substitution of compulsory attendance by another performance

  • A request for compensation for a disadvantage can be send to the Examination Board of the Faculty of Humanities for the attention of Mr. Alexander Fund if the relevant evidence is available. You will receive a decision as soon as possible.

    Please submit an application for compensation for disadvantages as early as possible, i.e. before you start your studies or examinations or, in the case of an application for compensation for compulsory attendance, at the beginning of the semester.

    Please use the information provided by the representatives for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses to request compensation for disadvantages in examinations and academic achievements due to disabilities or chronic illnesses.

    The Family Service of the University of Göttingen offers information on compensation for disadvantages in the case of child-rearing or care responsibilities.

    Handout on compensation for disadvantages (barrier-free PDF)
    Information for lecturers and subject advisors on compensation for disadvantages in examinations and academic achievements (available in German only)
    Information for students on compensation for disadvantages in examinations and academic achievements (available in German only)

    Since 1 January 2018, the Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz) applies to pregnant students. It protects both the person who is pregnant, has given birth to a child or is breastfeeding – regardless of the gender stated in their birth entry – and their child from health risks and disadvantages.
    Please inform the University of your pregnancy. Even if you are breastfeeding, you should inform the University.
    Information on your rights, protection periods and the organisational implementation of the Maternity Protection Act at Göttingen University can be found on this portal. There you will find a detailed description of how to report your pregnancy and what steps you have to take to report it.

    Expectant parents will find further information on the portal: studying parents.