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Ideas in practice

The realisation of student ideas can be promoted using funds from resources made available as part of the joint Federal and State programme for better study conditions and higher quality teaching.

Through the student ideas competition, the university receives a large number of suggestions on how to improve study and learning conditions. A central concern is to use potentials to improve the quality of studies. With the support of various university stakeholders, it is possible to initiate improvement measures and projects at the university and put them into practice in a sustainable manner. The realisation of student ideas was supported from 2011 to 2020 with funding from a fund made available as part of the joint federal-state programme for better study conditions and more quality in teaching. More information on Göttingen Campus QPLUS

Which projects are currently being implemented?

Mindfulness-based offerings to support mental health
Healthy Campus is coming to the Central Campus and to the SUB with some workshops (meditation, Moving Pause, MInd Walk)..
Study relaxed! Join in!
Go directly to the store of the Healthy Campus
GASP - Göttingen Papers in Social and Political Sciences
Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences can publish interesting and successful term papers in the student journal GASP. Join in!in German only
PEBL – Peer-based Learning
The International Writing Lab offers the module "Academic Writing Partnerships" in which students work in internationally composed small groups on self-selected projects and experience a special intercultural learning-teaching experience.
Europe Certificate
The self-study module on European competences (SK.EuZ.10: Basic Module - Introduction to European Competences) provides knowledge about cultures, economic processes, politics and law on our continent and is a good opportunity to look at European issues from different disciplines and perspectives. This additional qualification also increases career opportunities in the European labor market.
Media list (Online platform on racism at universities)
The winning idea proposes an online portal with five functional areas. One aspect is an overview of media through which knowledge on the topic of racism can be conveyed in an appealing and low-threshold manner. The AStA Department for Gender & Diversity offers a media list (in German language only).
Accessible subtitling
In order to reduce barriers in lecture recordings for users with sensory impairments, for international students or for students in noisy or noise-sensitive environments, the use of a licence for the automatic subtitling of teaching and information videos of the University can be applied for. The browser-based software programme Amberscript converts spoken language into text using speech recognition. Teachers at Göttingen University have the option of creating automatically generated subtitles and transcripts of the video and audio recordings of their courses. More....
Gamification in teaching
Stud.IP offers a new tool to make learning a little more playful and to simplify interaction with fellow students: Learning duel
GoeHealthy: special workplaces in the SUB
The SUB has purchased standsomes and laptop stands for the Central Library and some Divisional Libraries, so that working while standing is now possible at all locations. In the Medical Library, there are height-adjustable and mobile desks for individual and group use, standing workstations and exercise-promoting equipment (two treadmills) to promote the (back) health of students. More....

Digital 3D outcrops database
Geological outcrops should be recorded by photo and 3D model in a database so that students can gain experience on "virtual field trips" when they cannot go into the terrain (because of Corona or students with impairments) or if they want to view outcrops around the world.

The "Ideal Script"
With the "Ideal Script", a dynamic form of a script is to be introduced that contains the important information and can be continuously expanded via QR code with functions such as explanatory videos and offers the possibility of social interaction (e.g. through question-answer function).
Interdisciplinary module for the implementation of agroforestry systems
In an interdisciplinary agroforestry module, students will learn to plan agroforestry systems for farmers that, once implemented, will serve as scientific test sites, food suppliers, carbon sinks, and structurally rich habitats for a wide range of biodiversity.

Implemented ideas by category:
Support during your Studies

    Green Office
    With the establishment of the Green Office in April 2019, a central facility for questions and issues of sustainability was created. The office bundles and coordinates the activities and initiatives at the university in this area and makes the topic appear more visible. For example, a video series was produced that encourages sustainable and reflective thinking and action and takes two target groups into account. While "Johann asks sustainable" is primarily aimed at students, "Mathilda asks sustainable" addresses schoolchildren and the younger audience in particular. The six videos are available on Playlist.
    Accessibility site map
    In order to facilitate and simplify the study for students with health problems, the web-based map provides information on the accessibility and equipment of the classrooms in all buildings of the university from bus stops and (barrier-free) parking spaces. The application also offers a room search and a direct link to the online course catalog (UniVZ).
    Site map (Android-App)
    The digital room finder map (result from the Ideas Competition for Students 2012) is now also available as an Android-App. The the spatial information system GRAS_Geo at the University of Göttingen offers informations about rooms, Points of Interest, IT-infrastructure, accessibility, safety on campus and bus stops near campus.
    eCampus mobile
    Via the eCampus of Georg-August-University Göttingen you have access to all online Services that needed by students (SB/UniVZ, Stud.IP, FlexNow and E-Mail). Some of them are now usable for mobile terminals.
    Mentoring programme for students with disabilities
    The Physics Student Council has been offering a mentoring programme for students in difficult circumstances for some time. Participants receive professional support during the first four semesters. Through an expansion to other faculties, the extended "Peer-to-Peer" programme is also intended to offer extracurricular support to help students with impairments cope with everyday study life.
    Information portal for students with children
    The project was settled by the family service of the university. In the information portal, those interested can find all relevant information on the subject of studying and children in one place, so that the search for information is greatly simplified and shortened.
    Partner programme: Studying with a child
    Since 2013, the subjectparnter programme by the family service of the university wants to support student parents in their studies. Students with children often have fewer resources to network and support each other in their everyday studies than students without children. At the same time, they rarely have an insight into the situation of student parents. Through the formation of tandem partnerships, the project promotes both a better exchange between students with and without children, as well as better networking between pregnant women and student parents.
    Half-Time Check
    The rather informal evenings offer the opportunity to reflect on the first months of your studies and to receive suggestions for the further design of the first or second semester. During a meal together or a visit to a cultural event, students from different disciplines get to know each other and discover the city of Göttingen together
    HOPES - help and orientation for students with mental illnesses
    Since Winter semester 2013/14 the psychosocial counselling service (PSB) of the student services organisation (Studentenwerk) has offered a group for students following a crisis. The "HOPES - help and orientation for students with mental illnesses" advisory service provides practical help for successfully coping with study requirements, interruptions to work, and exam phobia.
    Health Day for Students*
    The first Health Day for students of the University of Goettingen took place on 23.01.2013. On this date more than 15 institutions of the university and external partners presented a large number of campaigns and offers on the subjects of activity, stress, substance abuse and safety in the foyer of the central cafeteria. 'Our aim is to make students aware about issues of health promotion. We also want to demonstrate what institutions, contacts and offers there are in this university in the field of health promotion,' says Dr. Arne Göring, deputy head of the central body of University Sports.
    Cycling-friendly Goettingen
    The major importance of the bicycle in a university town such as Goettingen was the focus of the idea that received a distinction award in 2012. Since August 2013, a multilingual homepage has provided students and other interested parties with an informative overview on the subject of cycling in Goettingen as well as on traffic laws and safety in general. The project also includes offering special cycling courses for international students.
    Göttingen Host Friends
    The Studium International team initiated the "Göttingen Gastfreunde" project. Since the beginning of 2012, foreign students and Göttingen citizens have been brought together as part of this project to give visiting students an insight into the non-university life in Göttingen.
    * = not offered at present

Course content and additional qualifications

    Internationalisation² and project seminars for German and international students at Göttingen University
    The aim of the idea is to train and strengthen the intercultural competences of students and to promote the integration of international students at Göttingen University. In the Department of Intercultural German Studies, digital seminars and workshops have been designed and carried out to intensify cooperation between national and international students. These workshops are documented in such a way that in the future they can be conducted by teaching staff independently of persons.
    Successful application of online interaction
    In this key competence module, all participants will worked out how the personal appearance in video conferences and the communicative competence can be improved. The online course SK.AS.KK-70: Erfolgreiche Anwendung der Online-Interaktionis offered by the ZESS.
    Self-learning module E-learning
    In the study programme Digital Humanities, an online self-study unit "SK.DH.21 E-learning" is offered every winter semester. With this exercise, already existing student competences in the area of learning content and strategies are to be expanded and transferred into the design of digital learning modules.
    Introduction of a special qulaification "Digital Humanities" for students of the philospical faculty
    The Digital Humanities certificate program has been available at the institute of the same name since the summer semester of 2019. The courses offer basic digital skills to prepare for professional fields within and outside of science.
    Didactics for Tutors*
    In order for students to prepare themselves for their work as tutors and to reflect on their teaching activities, the University Didactics Göttingen has offered various courses and workshops in 2020..
    Studium Oecologicum*
    The study programme "Studium Oecologicum" has existed since 2014 and was offered until the summer semester 2021. The aim of the inter-faculty certificate programme was to look at the topic of sustainability from different perspectives, to develop forward-looking thinking and action and thus to participate in shaping a sustainable society.
    Journalistic practice
    In 2014 the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies (ZESS) introduced a new certificate programme, "Journalistic Practice", which combines the existing manifold but disparate range of courses on the subject of journalism within the various institutions and faculties of the University of Goettingen, and combines them into an additional qualification. The theoretical knowledge is applied practically in cooperation on campus media (Augusta, GöHört, UniVision).
    A change of perspective: studying with a physical disability module*
    In 2013 the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies (ZESS) introduced a new course in the field of knowledge and personal skills. The module "SK.AS.WK-16.Mp: A change of perspective: studying with a physical disability - a day in a wheelchair" contributes to a mutual exchange between students with and without a physical disability and provides initial insights into the situation of disabled people. This change of perspective can offer insight amongst other things about the structural barriers to studying.
    Rhetoric Slam
    Since Winter semester 2012 the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies (ZESS) has arranged a regular "Rhetoric Slam" at the Theater im OP (ThOP) or at the Apex.. As part of the examination for the certificate in Rhetoric, students debate a socially-relevant topic with teaching staff. "The aim of the format is to bring students and teaching staff into discussion with one another on an equal footing. Positions and opinions should be weighed up against one another as part of a genuine exchange of ideas, and for them to be represented as authentically as possible by the speakers," explains co-organiser Anna Jöster.
    Introduction: Problem-Based Learning*
    „"PBL is a concept for teaching and learning in higher education where students acquire specialist knowledge using everyday, real-life issues that are typical to a subject, called 'cases'. Workshops for teaching staff who are interested in using PBL have now been integrated into the teaching and learning in higher education programme. This familiarises teaching staff with the principles of PBL and gives them examples of how it can be used," explains Matthias Wiemer, head of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.
    Psychology in dental medicine*
    To help students of dental medicine prepare better for working with a variety of groups of patients, a workshop allows them the opportunity to learn about psychological and communication aspects of treating patients in a systematic and professional way.
    Service Learning
    The teaching / learning concept Service Learning combines academic learning with social engagement in the form of providing services or support to non-profit institutions, so students can make a useful contribution to improving social challenges and problems and do something for civil society.
    * = not offered at present

Service Offer

    Alumni video world map
    In an interactive alumni video world map, alumni provide information in short videos about their experiences during a stay abroad. This creates a colourful picture that makes you want to study abroad yourself.
    Gö abroad
    The already existing MoveOn database on exchange agreements at Georg-August University has become more user-friendly through this project. A new name "Gö abroad" was found through a competition and students also get useful tips for researching stays abroad in a handbook.
    Information days on studying abroad
    Göttingen International held a digital "Latin America Week" from 9 to 13 November 2020 with the aim of strengthening interest in studying abroad in this region and introducing Latin America. In addition to cultural and language offers, there were also direct contacts to partner universities in Latin America, which was an advantage of the digital event.
    QR path: Discover your possibilities!
    A team of geographers has designed circular routes across the campus and through the city of Göttingen. With the help of QR codes, the routes provide interesting information about the university, studies, counselling and leisure activities.
    Thinking clearly during the studies? How to equip students to have a critical look at the misuse of alcohol and drugs.
    A team from the Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic for Students (PAS) carried out two surveys: First, students from the University of Göttingen were asked about their substance and alcohol consumption, and then the experiences of organizers of the orientation week were collected. The findings are to be incorporated into information events to raise awareness of the topic as part of the orientation week at the beginning of the winter semester 2019/20.
    Volunteering exchange and portal
    Three award-winning ideas were implemented together due to their intersections in order to provide students with access to information about volunteering.
    In Stellenwerk, the official job portal of the University of Göttingen, there is a subpage on volunteering with an overview of various engagement exchanges.

    In May 2019, the first Engagement! fair took place in the ZHG, where local and regional organisations, groups or associations presented their volunteer opportunities, among other things.
    Starter package
    Starting from the proposal "Communication - a problem and issue-oriented guideline for students" the team at the Office of Student Affairs developed an information brochure and numerous websites for first-year students.
    Campus radio GöHört
    Since 1 July 2009 a team from Students for Students has broadcast regularly on Goettingen city radio.
    International culture evenings
    In order to strengthen contact between international and national students and provide insight into different cultures, there are Cultural Evenings in the Foyer International every semester. An important element of this is information about study-related options to spend time abroad. At the moment there is a digital version of the traditional cultural evenings with "Cultural Evenings, Let's Talk". In the videos, international and German students talk about their culture and traditions as well as about their life and experiences in Göttingen.
    Book exchange shelf
    In May 2014 a "book exchange shelf" was set up in Room 1.134 of the Learning and Study Building (LSG) of the University of Goettingen. This is a shelf provided with books that users can take for themselves or add books to. The aim is to pass on books that are no longer needed and achieve a broad-based exchange.
    Room of silence
    The University of Goettingen has provided a "Room of Silence" for its students and staff in the Blue Tower on Central Campus. It offers members and affiliates of the University from all religions the opportunity to meet for individual and communal contemplation.
    Generation YouTube
    The BLUG of the University of Göttingen offers prospective students and new students in an appealing way up-to-date information about everyday study. It is currently being discussed whether and to what extent an implementation of the "Generation YouTube" idea is needed in parallel.
    * = not offered at present

Übergang zum Beruf

    Online forum for dissertations / theses - combining the lecture room and profession
    The forum is a central platform to help students identify a suitable topic for a dissertation / thesis as offered by a company. This cooperation is designed to improve the practical relevance of studies and simplify taking up a profession.
    Academic Writing and Careers Week. Together through the application labyrinth*
    The Career Service and the International Writing Centre have held a joint "Academic Writing and Careers Week" since 2014, aimed at helping students from all fields of studies to write academic texts, with workshops offering help with the path "Together through the application labyrinth." This programme includes analysis of the student's skills, help creating job applications, and rehearsal job interviews.
    This new course is being introduced to make students aware of the special aspects of dental care for elderly people. Starting in the pre-clinical semesters, they are brought into contact with older patients, in order to gain experience and overcome their reservations. Tips on dental and oral health are provided to older people and care staff at information events in retirement homes.
    * = not offered at present