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The Ideas Competition for Students regularly provides the university with a variety of proposals on how it could improve conditions for studying and learning. A key aspect of this is not only to identify but also to use potential for improving academic quality. With this goal, and with the support of various stakeholders within the university, Teaching and Learning Ideas Management promotes activities and projects for improvements within the university and ensures their sustainable implementation.

The realisation of student ideas can be promoted using funds from resources made available as part of the joint Federal and State programme for better study conditions and higher quality teaching.

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News about implementations:

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"Studies that move – Out to the field. From students to students." (2017)
In cooperation with the responsible people of the study programme Agricultural Sciences and teacher training we are working on a cooperative module about agricultural public relations by communicating an objective view of modern agriculture to future teachers.
"HearBar" (2017)
Currently we are in conversation with organizers who offer courses and lectures off the lecture halls. The HearBar is supposed to bring courses into pubs and bars of Göttingen, so that interesting subjects get hearable by students and all interested people.
"QR-trail: Discover your possibilities!" (2017)
On a circular route students can get to know the campus and the city of Göttingen. By the help of a QR-Code students can get informations about studies, consulting service and recreation offer. With the technical implementation the experiences of the old Botanic Garden should help, because there are already panels with QR-Codes.
"Green office" (2017)
In cooperation with the student group, who originated the idea, an green office should be constituded. It should concentrated and coordinate the activities and initiatives by all participants of the University in the area of sustainability. In this way the commitment will be more effective and attractive.
"A mentoring-programm from impaired students to impaired students and integrales knowledge management" (2016)
For the implementation of the idea we are in conversation with the VfSB (deputize for students with disabilities). It will be discussed how and by whom such a programme can be realized.
"Internet platform for students with children at the Georg-August-University Göttingen" (2016)
Das Projekt ist beim Familienservice der Universität angesiedelt. Geplant ist eine studentische Hilfskraft einzustellen. Diese soll relevante Informationen zum Thema Studium und Kind für die Internetplattform aufbereiten.
"Thinking clearly during the studies? How to equip students to have a critical look at the misuse of alcohol and drugs." (2016)
Für dieses Projekt ist die psychotherapeutische Ambulanz für Studierende (PAS) zuständig. Anfang 2018 soll eine anonyme Befragung unter Studierenden der Universität Göttingen zu ihrem Substanz- und Alkoholkonsum stattfinden. Danach sollen Erkenntnisse zu diesem Themenbereich ferner in Informationsveranstaltungen im Rahmen der O-Phasen für Studierende einfließen.

  • "Implementation of a Certificate Programme "Studium Oeconomicum"" (2016)
  • "Team Fellow Students" (2015)
  • "Mentoring for students on two-subject Bachelor's degree programmes" (2015)

Best practice:
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    Competition 2015
    Generation YouTube
    Der BLUG der Universität Göttingen bietet Studieninteressierten und Studienanfänger*innen auf ansprechende Weise aktuelle Informationen rund um den Studienalltag. Es wird derzeit diskutiert, ob und inwiefern eine Umsetzung der Idee "Generation YouTube" parallel zudem benötigt wird.
    Distinction awards: Volunteering exchange and portal
    Die drei prämierten Ideen sind aufgrund zahlreicher Schnittmengen in einem Vorhaben umgesetzt. Im Stellenwerk, dem offiziellen Jobportal der Universität Göttingen, gibt es eine Unterseite zum Thema Ehrenamt mit einer Übersicht über unterschiedliche Engagementbörsen. Perspektivisch soll das Thema studentisches Engagement eine eigene Veranstaltung bekommen.
    Distinction award: Interdisciplinary open evenings (Welcome to Goettingen!)
    implemented as Später angekommen? Schnell einsteigen!
    Die eher informell gehaltenen Abende bieten die Möglichkeit, die ersten Monate im Studium zu reflektieren und Anregungen für die weitere Gestaltung des ersten oder zweiten Semesters zu erhalten. Bei einem gemeinsamen Essen oder dem Besuch einer Kulturveranstaltung lernen sich Studierende unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen kennen und entdecken gemeinsam die Stadt Göttingen.

    Competition 2014
    1st prize: eCampus mobile
    implemented as eCampus auf dem Smartphone
    Via the eCampus of Georg-August-University Göttingen you have access to all online Services that needed by students (SB/UniVZ, Stud.IP, FlexNow and E-Mail). Some of them are now usable for mobile terminals.
    Distinction award: Lecture room finder as an app
    implemented as Lageplan (Android-App)
    The digital room finder map (result from the Ideas Competition for Students 2012) is now also available as an Android-App. The the spatial information system GRAS_Geo at the University of Göttingen offers informations about rooms, Points of Interest, IT-infrastructure, accessibility, safety on campus and bus stops near campus.

    Competition 2013
    1st prize: Entering the profession of journalism
    implemented as "Journalistic Practice" certificate programme
    In 2014 the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies (ZESS) introduced a new certificate programme, "Journalistic Practice", which combines the existing manifold but disparate range of courses on the subject of journalism within the various institutions and faculties of the University of Goettingen, and combines them into an additional qualification. The theoretical knowledge is applied practically in cooperation on campus media (Augusta, GöHört, UniVision).
    2nd prize: Long Night of (postponed) Applications
    implemented as Academic Writing and Careers Week. Together through the application labyrinth
    The Career Service and the International Writing Centre have held a joint "Academic Writing and Careers Week" since 2014, aimed at helping students from all fields of studies to write academic texts, with workshops offering help with the path "Together through the application labyrinth." This programme includes analysis of the student's skills, help creating job applications, and rehearsal job interviews.
    3rd prize: Draft for a Lesson Concept: Psychology in dental medicine
    implemented as Psychology in dental medicine
    To help students of dental medicine prepare better for working with a variety of groups of patients, a workshop allows them the opportunity to learn about psychological and communication aspects of treating patients in a systematic and professional way.
    Distinction award: Online forum for dissertations / theses - combining the lecture room and profession
    implemented as Online forum for dissertations/theses (OfA)
    The forum is a central platform to help students identify a suitable topic for a dissertation / thesis as offered by a company. This cooperation is designed to improve the practical relevance of studies and simplify taking up a profession.
    Distinction award: Service Learning
    The teaching / learning concept Service Learning combines academic learning with social engagement in the form of providing services or support to non-profit institutions, so students can make a useful contribution to improving social challenges and problems and do something for civil society.

    Competition 2012
    2nd prize: Subjetcpartner programme: Studying with a child
    implemented as Tandemprogramm
    Mit dem "Tandemprogramm" möchte der FamilienService seit 2013 verstärkt studierende Eltern im Studium unterstützen. Oft haben Studierende mit Kind weniger Ressourcen, um sich im Studienalltag zu vernetzen und sich gegenseitig zu unterstützen als Studierende ohne Kind. Gleichzeitig haben diese selten Einblick in die Situation von studierenden Eltern. Das Projekt fördert durch die Bildung von Tandempartnerschaften sowohl einen besseren Austausch zwischen Studierenden mit und ohne Kind, als auch eine bessere Vernetzung von Schwangeren und studierenden Eltern untereinander.
    3rd prize: Experiencing foreign cultures
    implemented as International Cultural Evenings
    In order to strengthen contact between international and national students and provide insight into different cultures, there are Cultural Evenings in the Foyer International every semester. An important element of this is information about study-related options to spend time abroad.
    Distinction award: Earlier patient contact for dental medicine students
    implemented as TeethED
    This new course is being introduced to make students aware of the special aspects of dental care for elderly people. Starting in the pre-clinical semesters, they are brought into contact with older patients, in order to gain experience and overcome their reservations. Tips on dental and oral health are provided to older people and care staff at information events in retirement homes.
    Distinction award: Brochures on barriers and accessibility on the Campus
    implemented as Campus accessibility map
    To enable and make it easier for students with disabilities to study, the web-based map provides information on accessibility and equipment in relation to the teaching rooms in every university building, as well as bus stops and (accessible) parking spaces. In addition, the application offers a room search and a direct link to the online Directories of courses and people (UniVZ).
    Distinction award: The disabled-friendly university
    implemented as "A change of perspective: studying with a physical disability" module
    In 2013 the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies (ZESS) introduced a new course in the field of knowledge and personal skills. The module "SK.AS.WK-16.Mp: A change of perspective: studying with a physical disability - a day in a wheelchair" contributes to a mutual exchange between students with and without a physical disability and provides initial insights into the situation of disabled people. This change of perspective can offer insight amongst other things about the structural barriers to studying.
    Film about the module
    Distinction award: Support for mentally-ill students in returning to studying
    implemented as HOPES - help and orientation for students with mental illnesses
    Since Winter semester 2013/14 the psychosocial counselling service (PSB) of the student services organisation (Studentenwerk) has offered a group for students following a crisis. The "HOPES - help and orientation for students with mental illnesses" advisory service provides practical help for successfully coping with study requirements, interruptions to work, and exam phobia.
    Distinction award: Webseite "Cycling-friendly Goettingen" and as a cycling course
    The major importance of the bicycle in a university town such as Goettingen was the focus of the idea that received a distinction award in 2012. Since August 2013, a multilingual homepage has provided students and other interested parties with an informative overview on the subject of cycling in Goettingen as well as on traffic laws and safety in general. The project also includes offering special cycling courses for international students.
    Positively-rated idea/accepted: Book exchange shelf
    In May 2014 a "book exchange shelf" was set up in Room 1.134 of the Learning and Study Building (LSG) of the University of Goettingen. This is a shelf provided with books that users can take for themselves or add books to. The aim is to pass on books that are no longer needed and achieve a broad-based exchange.
    Positively-rated idea/accepted: Room of Silence
    The University of Goettingen has provided a "Room of Silence" for its students and staff in the Blue Tower on Central Campus. It offers members and affiliates of the University from all religions the opportunity to meet for individual and communal contemplation.

    Competition 2011
    2nd prize: Teachers' Corner rhetoric contest
    implemented as Rhetoric Slam
    Since Winter semester 2012 the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies (ZESS) has arranged a regular "Rhetoric Slam" at the Theater im OP (ThOP) or at the Apex.. As part of the examination for the certificate in Rhetoric, students debate a socially-relevant topic with teaching staff. "The aim of the format is to bring students and teaching staff into discussion with one another on an equal footing. Positions and opinions should be weighed up against one another as part of a genuine exchange of ideas, and for them to be represented as authentically as possible by the speakers," explains co-organiser Anna Jöster.
    Distinction award: Health Day for Students
    The first Health Day for students of the University of Goettingen took place on 23.01.2013. On this date more than 15 institutions of the university and external partners presented a large number of campaigns and offers on the subjects of activity, stress, substance abuse and safety in the foyer of the central cafeteria. 'Our aim is to make students aware about issues of health promotion. We also want to demonstrate what institutions, contacts and offers there are in this university in the field of health promotion,' says Dr. Arne Göring, deputy head of the central body of University Sports. sagt Dr. Arne Göring, stellvertretender Leiter der Zentralen Einrichtung Hochschulsport.
    Distinction award: Introduction of problem-based learning (PBL) at the University of Goettingen
    "PBL is a concept for teaching and learning in higher education where students acquire specialist knowledge using everyday, real-life issues that are typical to a subject, called 'cases'. Workshops for teaching staff who are interested in using PBL have now been integrated into the teaching and learning in higher education programme. This familiarises teaching staff with the principles of PBL and gives them examples of how it can be used," explains Matthias Wiemer, head of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

    Competition 2010
    1st prize: Studium Oecologicum
    The new course "Studium Oecologicum" has been in existence since 2014. The aim of the interfaculty certificate programme is to consider the issue of sustainability from various perspectives, develop farsighted thinking and action, and thus participate in the design of a society that is fit for the future.

    Competition 2009
    1st prize: Goettingen Hosts
    The International Study team initiated the "Goettingen Guests" project. Since the start of 2012 this project has brought foreign students and citizens of Goettingen together to offer guest students insight into extramural life in Goettingen.
    2nd prize: Starter package - an information brochure on starting studies
    Starting from the proposal "Communication - a problem and issue-oriented guideline for students" the team at the Office of Student Affairs developed an information brochure and numerous websites for first-year students.

    Competition 2008
    3rd prize: GöHört - Campus radio
    Since 1 July 2009 a team from Students for Students has broadcast regularly on Goettingen city radio.Goehoert206