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EU Office of the University of Göttingen

Raising external funds costs time and money, and ties up personnel. EU subsidies also have their own rules of the game. As scientists, you often first have to familiarise yourself with the diverse EU programmes. The EU Office of the University of Göttingen will assist you.

In addition, we support you throughout the entire project cycle: e.g. with the classification of your project idea in the appropriate funding format, with the preparation of the schedule and budget calculation as well as with the settlement of project costs including the preparation of audits.
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Update on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020

FlagsAt the moment, the EU Commission and the EU member states negotiate the Horizon 2020 calls for the year 2020. The updated version of the Horizon 2020 work programme will presumably be published in summer 2019. more...

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Webinar Series on Social Sciences and Humanities

LaborWebThe National Contact Point Society (NCP Society) will organise a webinar series on the Horizon 2020 call in the area of social sciences and humanities. It will take place on 27, 28 and 29 May 2019. Every webinar will introduce one main topic of the call in 2020: Migration, Socioeconomic and Cultural Transformations in the Context of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Governance for the Future. more...

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Webinar on ERC Synergy Grants

PaulinerkircheThe webinar on ERC Synergy Grants will take place on 3 June 2019. Synergy Grants are designed bottom-up and they are open for all academic disciplines. The sole evaluation criterion is scientific excellence. It is applied to both the research project and the 2-4 principal investigators. Please note the internal ERC selection procedure of the University of Göttingen. more...

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