Research Project (new)

Modul M.WIWI-BWL.0171


  • Prof. Dr. Yasemin Boztuğ (Chair of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour)
  • Prof. Dr. Maik Hammerschmidt (Chair of Marketing and Innovation Management)
  • Prof. Dr. Waldemar Toporowski (Chair of Marketing and Retail Management)
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Schumann (Chair of Application Software and E-Business)
  • Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz (Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems)

Contact person:

Module for the following Master's degree programmes:
  • Finance, Accounting and Taxes (M.Sc.)
  • Unternehmensführung (M.Sc.)
  • Global Business (M.Sc.)
  • Taxation (M.Sc.)
  • Business and Human Resource Education (M.Ed.)
  • Business Education and Human Resource Development (M.Sc.)
  • Development Economics (M.Sc.)
  • International Economics (M.Sc.)
  • History of Global Markets (M.A.)
  • Applied Statistics
  • Caution with the following Masters courses:
  • Marketing and E-Business (M.Sc.)
  • Business Information Systems (M.Sc.)
  • This module may not be taken if the module M.WIWI-BWL.0059 Project Study has already been successfully completed. Since the project study is a compulsory module in the Master MEB, the research project cannot be chosen in this Master).

Number of participants:
Limited to a max. of 30 participants.
Admission requirements:
Due to the limited number of participants, pre-registration via the online form below is mandatory. This will be activated at the appropriate time. At the time of pre-enrolment, you must also have passed one of the two modules "Marketing Research" or "Advanced Research Methods".
Finally, we highly recommend each participant to participate in the following course:
The contents of the listed courses are assumed for the research project at the Department of Marketing and E-Business and will not be dealt with explicitly!
Learning outcome / core skills:
After successful participation, students will be able to investigate a complex topic using scientific methods and to document, present and discuss their results. By working independently on a comprehensive research project, students will be able to establish a link between theory and practice and acquire additional social skills through group work.
  • Study the literature, formulate hypotheses about causal relationships, collect data and test hypotheses.
  • Training in methods, especially in data collection and analysis (multivariate analysis)
  • Regular presentation and discussion of progress with supervising researchers
Concrete steps:
  • Identification of the theme and milestones
  • Problem Definition
  • Identifikation und Vorstellung der notwendigen Maßnahmen für die Problemlösung
  • Information processing (preparation, analysis and compression to a level necessary for decision making) or development of a prototype
  • Final presentation
  • Preparation of a comprehensive project report including Documentation of steps taken
Sample topics from previous semesters:
  • Food Marketing in Social Media
  • Influence of a Shopping Center App on Shopping Experience
  • Gamification
  • Interactions with chatbots
  • Success factors for social live streams
  • Development of a strategy to promote sustainable consumer behaviour

Homework (max. 15 pages per student in group work) with presentation (approx. 30 minutes)

Examination requirements:
Scientific analysis of a current marketing and information management issue in small groups, defence of the results in a group presentation (approx. 30 min.) and written documentation in the form of a joint research report (max. 15 pages per participant). Regular attendance of all group members is expected.
Information event for the project seminar in the winter term 2024/25::
The information session will present the topics and provide an opportunity to ask organisational questions.

The information event will take place ontbd .

Registration and further dates:
  • Information event (all chairs):tbd
  • Registration by online-form:tbd
  • Registration in FlexNow: tbd
  • Announcement of the topic allocation: tbd
  • Group-internal kick-off:
    • Prof. Dr. Yasemin Boztuğ / Ahmet Samet Ergün.: tbd, Raum: tba
    • Prof. Dr. Waldemar Toporowski / Judith Derenthal: tbd Uhr, Raum: tba
    • Prof. Dr. Mathias Schumann / Michael Groth: tbd, Raum: tba